The "Almost Big Enough to be Horse Stalls" coop

By AxelFlynn08 · Jun 13, 2014 · ·
  1. AxelFlynn08
    XDD I know, it just sounds so original, but the coop we own consists of a large building that consists on a main run down the center about five feet wide. Along each side are six large doors that open into massive pens. The pens have a perch, nests, and good thick natural grass bedding. During the day, the birds freerange in our pasture and are allowed to enjoy the shelter of the indoor run. At night, I clap and call and they go into their pen. Maybe on a day that isn't overcast and the Ipod isn't dead, I can offer pictures.

    This pen was here when I moved here, and requires some repairs but It's very weather tight, predator tight, and sturdy. Just one look from the outside could tell you that it took quite a bit of time and money...not to mention lumber and carpet-backing.

    So, instead of letting it rot, we decided to repair some easier stalls and as we go, get to the ones in more desperate need of repairs. I've hammered boards, placed carpet backing over holes, and filled in giant holes randomly in the bottom so at least 7 stalls are fully usable...but only one is currently in use.

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  1. ELauraD
    Sounds perfect

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