*The Angry Hen's Buff Brahma Photo Shoots.*

Thank you for sending your eyes to this snippet of my article. Please open: *The Angry Hen's Buff Brahma Photo Shoots.* Sincerely, ~The Angry Hen. :^)
By The Angry Hen · Jul 18, 2017 · ·
  1. The Angry Hen
    Hello Friends,

    Thank you for opening this article!

    Now, I am about to show you my Buff Brahma photo shoots.

    Here is Lily's photo shoot,
    View attachment 1080899 View attachment 1080900 View attachment 1080902 View attachment 1080903 View attachment 1080904 View attachment 1080905 View attachment 1080906 View attachment 1080907 View attachment 1080908 Do you like the focusing of Lily's photos shoot?
    And now you are about to see the photo shoot of Roxy:
    View attachment 1080911 View attachment 1080912 View attachment 1080914 View attachment 1080915 View attachment 1080916 View attachment 1080918 View attachment 1080921 View attachment 1080924 View attachment 1080925 View attachment 1080926 View attachment 1080927 View attachment 1080928 View attachment 1080929 View attachment 1080930
    Do you like Roxy's photo shoot?

    Here ya go! The Buff Brahma photo shoot, I have two other BB hens but no photos at the moment.

    The Angry Hen

    ~Do you like these photo shoots? Be sure to check in on my profile, there will be other breeds with photos to come!~

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  1. DuckPro
    You can edit it! I'll pm u how u can edit it :)
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  2. DuckPro
    Hi k!
    I can't really see the pictures though..

    It just says "error, you don't have permission to perform or view this action"

    Bet they look awesome anyways!
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Thank you! I wish I knew how to edit it!! :( :)
  3. Texas Kiki
    I think you have your pics set to private....double check the album's settings that you uploaded them to.
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Okay, I might have!
      I will fix it. Thank you!

    2. The Angry Hen
      Did I do it right? It might not let me fix it.

  4. CP Chicken
    The photos won't load for me.
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Hello CP, Sorry... I wonder why!
      I wish they came up for you! :-(
    2. CP Chicken
      I'll try to see if they'll show up on my phone (I'm on my IPad right now). I bet the pictures look great anyways, even though I can't see them!
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    3. The Angry Hen
      Yeah, maybe that will work.
      Aw, thanks!! :hugs


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