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The Backyard Chicken Gazettte

  1. ChicknsRock
    ~ the Backyard Chicken Gazette is where members' chickens, coops, stories, news, etc. can be featured in this gazette.
    ~ ask roostersandhens or ChicknsRock if you want to join.
    ~ if you want your chicken, coop or something else to be featured in the gazette pm it to me.
    ~ the coop or chicken pic of the week doesn't have to be your coop or chicken but say if it is yours or not.

    Members: ChicknsRock, chickenboy190, roostersandhens, Nightwish, MsChickenMomma, MyPaperMoon, ChickenLover200, scriptkiddieJR, Ducclelover10, BantamFan4Life, realsis

    Chicken Picture of the Week:
    - by roostersandhens

    Chicken Coop of the Week
    - by backwoodscottage.blogspot.com

    Chicken Story of the Week
    Poor King George III got into an awful fight. You can see his skull.. He is alive and well, though it probably hurts. He is on antibiotics so it won't get infected. But poor George.

    Chicken Of The Week
    Name: Foghorn
    Age: 6 months
    Breed: Leghorn
    Gender: Cockerel
    History: Was dumped at someone's house as a chick, along with 40 other chickens. Then brought to me.
    Username: roostersandhens

    The Scoop of the Coop
    Scribble is now the top rooster. He couldn't be more proud.
    He fought Eddy, who isn't much of a fighter. Eddy surrendered.
    Eddy had decided that he would rather have Scribble
    be top guy than to have any of his lovely feathers pulled out.

    By roostersandhens

    Herki, 2 years, CA, died April 28 2014.
    Survived By: Her best friend Olive, and her good friends Daisy, Chirp, Red and Eddy. And of course the rest of her flock (she was top on the pecking order).

    Attention! Best Of BYC Gazette coming this July!
    Please pm me your best chicken photos, coop photos, stories and chicken introductions (and even videos!) for the Best Of BYCG!!! Coming in July, we need your submissions!
    And we hope you enjoyed reading the BackYard Chicken Gazette!

    P.S. if you have a story you would like to share please pm it to me!

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  1. ChicknsRock
  2. TwoCrows
    Wow, this is great! Keep up the good work!
  3. ChicknsRock
  4. MyPaperMoon512
    love the coop. What is a battery hen?
  5. ChicknsRock
    I hope not. ;'(.
  6. roostersandhens
    Awww. Sorry about Cupcake, I fear my 2 boys will be there next :( They are so sick.
  7. ChicknsRock
    You're welcome. :)
  8. ChickenLover200
  9. roostersandhens
  10. ChicknsRock
    @scriptkiddieJR thanks!
    @ChickenLover200 I thought so..they are very cute!

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