The Ballad of Molly the Orpington
by Banny

Once upon a time, there lived a fluffy, pudgey, little Orpington ducklet named Molly. Molly was really smart. She knew when her favourite person was talking to her and chirped back as such. Molly, being so short and cute, could always see her favourite person's wellingtons. She always followed the wellingtons around. She sometimes had to run really fast to keep up. Her legs were only 1/73 the size of her favourite persons'. She was so very cuddly. Her favourite food was mosquitos and spiders, but she'd eat her veggies occasionally, too. Molly went camping when she was 3 weeks old. She camped at Little Hamburger Lake with George, her friend. Her favourite person built them a roaring campfire out of tiger lily petals, and a tent made from a big blanky, and Molly and George sat in the tent eating bugs. Molly did nothing of particular interest for about a month. She got married to her boyfriend, Sullivan, who was so habndsome, everybody who looked at him fainted. Molly lived happily ever after at least until she dies. The End.