The Bamboo Peacock

By MinxFox · May 1, 2013 · Updated Dec 16, 2013 ·
  1. MinxFox
    I have been into peafowl for a few years now. I only raise peafowl and have about 8 of them right now. When I got started with peafowl, I also got into gardening because not only did I want to have nice looking birds, but I wanted to create a nice looking place for them. I am calling my bird business "The Bamboo Peacock" after my love of bamboo and peacocks. Here is my website that I made from scratch and that I update often:

    I highly recommend clumping bamboo for bird aviaries as the birds don't eat it up and it provides great shade and the leaves the bamboo sheds are great for the birds to scratch around in.


    Here is a photo of my only aviary. I plan to build some more but this one is 40x50ft. not including a small pen attached and the tin roofed portion in the photo. The plant containers on top of the roosts is to keep the wood from tearing holes in the netting.
    I keep 1 pied, 3 whites, 2 India Blues, 3 Split to whites, 1 Dark pied, and a black shoulder. I don't have my peafowl in correct pairs yet so I have some more work to do before I can become more like the pro peafowl breeders, but I always want to provide large planted pens for my peafowl.

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