This medium-size coop has a 4'x8' footprint in order to utilize building materials in an efficient manner. It is fully insulated and has electric.

The offset roof design allows for windows along the roof line, that you can slide-out and stow beneath. Inside, there is a cat walk along this window line, for the chickens' entertainment, of course.

When I saw 10" tires on sale at Harbor Freight, I was inspired to make this coop moveable, however, there is no way for it to turn without mechanical assistance. To overcome this, I added a hitch and made a trailer dolly (not shown). As far as moving it back and forth, you can push it quite easily. I suppose it would do great on its own, rolling down a hill.

My favorite feature has GOT to be the wireless remote security camera I placed inside. I say this, not only because can we watch Chicky-TV ("It's all chickens, all the time."), but when I connected it, my 11 year-old daughter remarked, "Dada, that's AWWWWWWWEEEE-some."

As for calling it "The Barracks"; I realized, about 2/3 of the way through the project, that it resembled the rectangular house (complete with the window-lined offset roof) I designed in High School Architectual Drawing class, that my classmates mockingly referred to as the barracks.