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    Looking for a great dual-purpose bird? Being a quintessential rock-solid American farm breed, the Barred Rock is the best choice for any small or big scale flockster. The first appearances of the Barred Rock were in the 19th century where it was developed by the breeder John C. Bennett using crosses of Dominiques, Black Javas, Cochins, Malays, and Dorkings. This fine fowl became a breed in 1849 and is the origin of all Plymouth Rock breeds. Since then it has been prized for its hardiness, docility, broodiness, friendship, sex-ability at any age, and excellent production of both eggs and meat. The overall appearance of the Barred Rock is a long, broad back, a moderately deep, full breast, and yellow skin and legs. The face of the typical Barred Rock usually is red with red ear lobes, adorn with a bright yellow beak and flashing bay-colored eyes, and topped with a magnificent, moderate sized comb. Much like the Cuckoo Maran, it has sharply defined parallel bars of dark gray and silver (Or for a hen, black and white) which give it the best camouflage of all colors against the eye of the predator. Being amongst the predecessors of the new meat high bird, the Cornish Cross broiler, the Barred Rock is a faster growing bird and the cocks can reach full butcher weight at around 10 pounds in eighteen weeks. A Barred Rock hen weighs around 8 pounds at butcher size, and the adolescents weigh 8 pounds for the cockerel, and 6 pounds for the pullets. Being cold hardy, the hens are able to lay through winter, which adds to the prizing of this true American bird.
    I have a flock of Barred Rocks and the breed sure is a keeper! The roosters are nice to people and love to be held by kids. They’ll even talk with you and answer the questions you ask! The overall is a very sweet bird!

    Summary of the Plymouth Barred Rock

    Cock: (Good Picture Needed)
    Hen: (Good Picture Needed)
    Cockerel: [​IMG]
    Cockerel Chick:
    (Good Picture Needed)
    Pullet Chick: (Good Picture Needed)

    Conservation status: Recovering
    Popular Names: Rocks, Barred Rocks
    Country of Origin: United States of America
    Use: Dual-Purpose Breed
    Personality: Docile to humans and pets
    Hardiness: Very Cold
    Weight: Male: 10+ Pounds, Female: 7.5 Pounds, Cockerel: 8 Pounds, Pullet: 6 Pounds
    Feet Color: Yellow
    Skin Color: Yellow
    Egg Color: Brown to Pink
    Comb Type: Single
    Plumage Pattern: Parallel Barred
    Plumage: (Cocks) Grey and Silver (Hen) Black and White
    Broodiness: Often in the right condition

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