The Bawk Barn Or Henny Pennys Dont Know Yet

By jrobinson · Jul 7, 2012 · Updated Jul 7, 2012 · ·
  1. jrobinson
    Feel free to voice ur opinions on what we should name the coop!
    My wife told me back in the spring that she wanted some laying hens and after a lil thinking over i agreed. I love building things this was a chance to build a lil house. The two main things i thought of was how i wanted to clean it and how to collect the eggs. After that it was light and chicken access and to make it look good. This is what i have come up with. It is not finished but i will post more pics as it progresses and more text. Thanks for lookin :) sorry i cant figure out how to post pics. Im only using a smart phone to do this :-(. U can look on my profile i was able to upload photos there

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