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The Bride And The Groom

By BoomChickaPop, Jun 7, 2016 | Updated: Jun 9, 2016 | | |
  1. BoomChickaPop
    These are my 2 polish chickens named Blinda( black) and The Abominable Snowman( Abom for short)(white).

    They are my absolute favorite breed of chicken! Blinda has the personality of a dog!! She follows me around, comes when I call her and loves to be held and fed. She also lets me know when she has to lay an egg. She has a stash under an azalea bush!
    She loves the Abominable Snowman like no chicken has loved before!! When Blinda runs off to lay an egg, Abom goes CRAZY looking for her. Until she comes back and hangs out with him again.
    When I first got The Abominable Snowman, he was the most skittish rooster I had ever seen. When I tried to pet him or even give him food, he would jump and try to get away from me. But when we paired him up with Blinda, He changed drastically from skittish to the BEST ROOSTER EVER!!!! He now lets us hold him and feed him like we do with Blinda. They make the funniest couple too!! Cause they are mixed up (Blinda is black(Like the groom should be) and Abom is white(Like the bride should be lol). But they make my life fun!!
    If you are starting out with chickens, I would definitely get some polish. They lots of eggs, and they are SUPER friendly, and they look HILARIOUS!!!
    Now some pics
    Abom running from the camera lol
    Their 2 little babies at 2 days old
    Abom wondering why I am taking his picture
    Blinda perching on the eating chairs outside!!
    Blinda does this when she knows I am spying on her
    Their Three Little ROCK STARS!!!
    Abom Being Adorable
    The Rock Star Couple

    I hope you liked this Chicken Page of my polish chickens
    Have fun with your chickens!


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  1. BoomChickaPop
    Almost at 1000 views! I can't believe my chickens are getting this MUCH attention lol
  2. BoomChickaPop
    Thankyou so much @Garjzla Abom is a mix between a buff polish mom, and a black and white polish Dad. Sultans have feathered legs also! And are Critcally ENDANGERED!!!!
  3. Garjzla
    Abom looks a lot like a Sultan, but I'm not positive if he could actually be a Sultan instead of a Polish. Lots of people get Sultans and Polish mixed up, so I'm not sure. But his wings make him look 100% like a Sultan.

    Both of those chickens are beautiful, and Abom is huge! Congratulations on having great chickens. :)
  4. Coop de Grass
    What wonderful personalities!
  5. BoomChickaPop
    @ChaddiX to answer your question. The 3 babies I have hatched look like they don't have beards. But They might develop them as they grow up. They are only 1 month and a half right now. I think the 2 white ones are hens and the black is a rooster. The black one is also a mix between a black silkie rooster! So he has muffs but no feathered legs and a tiny beard.

  6. BoomChickaPop
    Thankyou so much BYC!!!
  7. JessHeller
    I SO want these chickens. The chicks are hilarious!!! Nice pictures.
  8. ChaddiX
    So how will the chicks turn out with a bearded hen and non-bearded/wattled rooster? Do the F1 males have beards/F1 females no beards or do they all get smaller beards and larger wattles? My bearded silver laced rooster has a thick beard and no wattles or comb, just lots of feathers. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Yorkshire Coop
    Fabulous pics and birds!! Hope you have entered Abom in the comb contest :) That's one fantastic V comb!!
  10. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process

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