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    Now here we’ve got our hands on a fine docile breed! Named after the town of its origin, Orpington, Southern England, this breed has been one of the most famous English breeds across the world. This fluffy fowl first appeared in 1886 when the breeder William Cook decided to put his pure breeds of Minorcas, Langshans, and Plymouth Rocks into the work of forming a new hybrid chicken which he hoped would take a place at the top of the list in chicken breeds. The outcome was a black fluffy bird which he thought was perfect to hide the soot of London which covered his others, and when he was finally done completing the breed he brought it to the Madison Square Gardens in 1895 and, in an instance, his new bird went from a simple project to one of the most popular breeds on earth. Since then it has been bred into all sort of colors and sizes, primarily strands of white, buff, blue, lavender, and splash, the most popular in the continent of North America being the buff. The original appearance of the Buff Orpington is a heavy, broad body, with a low stance and a curvy shaped, stubby back, and white skin and legs. The facial features of the Orpington are a small red head with red ear lobes, a long thin beak, yellowy-buff colored eyes, with a small sized comb for the hens. The roosters have spikey feathers on the top of the head on either side of a large deep red crown. They are feathered in a very loose golden plumage which gives them the appearance of being very large, and have legs mostly covered by fluffy down. Being bred for a show bird more than a production bird, the Buff Orpington only lays 175 to 200 eggs a year. This breed is amongst the most beautiful of chickens which is why this sweet English breed is a prize winner in the show!
    I have a flock of Buff Orpingtons and the breed sure is one of the most docile in the world! The roosters are exceptionally kind and add a great color to any flock. The cocks will offer you food and give little dances for you! The hens aren’t good egg layers but are very broody and make good mothers! The overall is a very sweet, beautiful looking bird!

    Summary of the Buff Orpington

    Cock: (Pictures needed)
    Hen: (Pictures needed)
    Chick: (Pictures needed)
    Conservation status: Recovering
    Popular Names: Buff Orps, BO’s, Buffs, and Orps
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Use: Dual-Purpose, mainly Show
    Personality: Docile to anything
    Hardiness: Cold
    Weight: Male: 10+ Pounds, Female: 7.5 Pounds
    Feet Color: White
    Skin Color: White
    Egg Color: Light Brown
    Comb Type: Medium Single
    Plumage Pattern: Flat
    Plumage: Buff Shades
    Broodiness: Often in the right condition

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