The Campbell Coop

My husband, Brian, beginning the coop inside. We really didn't start with plans, just some sketches on paper.

I initially wanted a droppings board at ground level, to slide out to clean. However, I realized that this would eliminate most of the floor space. I changed my plans…..

Moving to the site...we set it on concrete panels that a friend of ours buried level with the ground.

Notice the eaves here are screened in for extra ventilation.

6 of our 12 nesting boxes

There is chicken wire under the roosts to keep the girls off of the dropping board.
Just in case you were wondering, my nieces drew on the board, it says "poop deck" with a bull's eye. And yes, that is a fan aimed at the roosts for those steamy hot summers!

There is plenty of room under the droppings board for the girls (and babies) to hang out.

Here's just a few of our fun adds….

Our poop-free waterer Our automatic chicken door Our "Big Bird" Feeder

I love my coop! It's really easy to keep clean. The only thing I may change is whether or not I insulate for this winter. It all depends on what the temperature stays at inside.