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By chick inn · Mar 7, 2014 · Updated Apr 12, 2014 ·
  1. chick inn
    *+*+*+* UNDER CONSTRUCTION *+*+*+*

    Ok... I'm just starting into this and want to get my thoughts down on here as I think of things. Most items I'm offering are not "ready to go" just yet, but upon request can be whipped up within a weeks time. Pics will be added along the way, especially if there is an interest - just PM me [​IMG]

    Also- to keep my sanity, I don't want to have more than three active trades going at one time/per week.

    Items I can offer:

    • Chicken Saddles (2 or more depending on offer) I'm working on a design to have flaps over the wings as well....
    • (3 or more depending on offer) Nest Box Liners (to fit a box no larger than 12"x12")
    • 4 oz Home made Poo-Spray (spray the bowl before you go), Scents to come
    • Seed block 3-5 lb
    • Brabanter eggs (estimated available May)
    • Black Copper Maran eggs (estimated Aug)
    • Silkie/EE Eggs (May)

    Items I'm interested in:

    Eggs, Chicks or Hens in the following pure breed:
    • Black Copper Maran (need new blood)
    • Serama
    • Lavender Orpington
    • Pendescena (sp?)
    • Barnvelder
    • Buckeye
    • Sebastopol

    • any type of succulent cuttings- Let me put it this way, I am a very lazy gardener (I'd much rather play with the chicks) and want any type of plant that is low maintenance and pretty...!! Indoor or out- I live in Western NY bear in mind...

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