The Chicken Christmas Rush

By Nickeyo · Dec 22, 2013 · Updated Dec 22, 2013 · ·
  1. Nickeyo
    It's not just people who must get ready for Christmas. Chickens have it hard too.
    So here's a list of what my flock have been doing on the run up to this fab holiday

    First of early shopping is a must and all the chickens from far and wide come queuing at the shopping centre doors
    "Quick honey, get the best gifts, we can't let down the children" shouted Goldie

    Sadly there's always one who takes to line skipping

    The line may take hours, some may not even get in
    "Miffy, if we don't get in soon I'm going to scream, I can't hold this egg in much longer!!!!" Said Buffy

    "Oooh look, the lines moving"

    Once the shopping is complete every one rushes home to get ready

    "Quick kids, we must beat the traffic" shouts Dottie[​IMG]

    Once home the hens prepare the run, it may take a while
    "It's a pig sty in here, look at all the dust on the perch" says wellie
    "Yeah... That's the only thing wrong with the run.... "Shouts another hen

    Next they head out to fetch the the natural decorations and tree
    "Is this one too big???" Asks Apple
    "Just a bit" replies a hen

    Finally they collect the main meal, the Christmas ......... Worms!!!! You didn't think it would e a turkey did you? :)

    All that's left is to wait for Santa and his helpers
    Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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  1. Nickeyo
    thankyou all for your comments
  2. Nickeyo
    my santa hat rooster is a gold phoenix bantam, then tintin is a frizzle/welsummer cross and sparta a friesian fowl.
  3. chickwhispers
    So cute! Especially the one with Santa Hat! Very creative!
  4. MsChickenMomma
    So adorable! Thanks for the laugh.
  5. One Chick Two
    Nickeyo, such a fun and witty Christmas Story!
    Is the roo in the Santa cap, your Phoenix? SOOO cute! He has the cutest face! They look like they are having a great time. Happy Holidays!
  6. chickenneighbor
    Perfect! Thanks for the present!
  7. foreverlearning
    Great Christmas story! Love the rooster! What breed is he?
  8. cathiesue
    Very clever! Enjoyed the bird in the santa hat!

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