The Chicken Coop
Chicken Coop Day 1.....All materials were leftovers from other jobs and given to us. We only had to buy a couple of 2x4's for like $20 so far. It's 6ft x 8ft and the walls are 6ft tall.

The end of Day 1....Hubby worked very hard today!

He's quite a guy! (He'd rather be fishing!)
Day 2 with roof & sides on.

Spring2008002.jpg Another view of Day 2

Roof, Windows, & Door (I bought the windows at a flea market for $5 each and stripped them of their paint, the roof material was left over from another project, and the door is hand made by my Hubby; I call it the Hobbit Door).

DSCN0030.jpg Another view with run behind the coop.

DSCN0051-1.jpg La Dolce Vita Villa