The Chickens Coop Mansion On A Budget

By questions543 · Jul 13, 2012 · ·
  1. questions543
    Im 14 so my budget for my chicken coop had to be the smallest possible. EVERYTHING in the end including the cost of food, chicks, coop, run ended up being around $300. And this thing is *QUITE* big.


    We have an 18" gap between the coop and the ground and the chickens like it- its their "Cave".

    The dimensions are 4x8' for the coop and the runs an odd shape because they'res a parallelogram in the middle. My mums need for the chicken coop because she wants as little of her garden gone as possible. I scrounged for as many matterials as possible... As you can see the shingles are all mismashed from the different projects that other people sold to me for $0.20 a piece. I got as much free as I could

    [​IMG] I painted the hardware cloth black to make it almost invisible (again at my mums request)


    I used 1/2 inch welded wire because I found a great deal on craigslist for a 100' role

    I was so pressed for money that I took a used car floor mat for grip on the ramp that I cut up


    I used two windows one on each side for extra lighting. ( found them both for free.) and now we get a nice look into the coop form the house

    It looks strong enough for a cat!! ;)

    The nesting box

    I put wire mesh on the bottom for ventilation because it gets windy here and we dont want drafts.

    Comment if you want more!

    and thats my coop[​IMG]

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  1. tjo804
    "The Chickens coop Mansion on a budget"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 1, 2018
    great use for recycled materials. Is the run included in the 4x8 measurements?
    How many chickens did you design it to hold?
    I like your non slip ramp idea!

    I can't wait to see your future builds your mom is lucky to have you and so are her hens.


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  1. teach1rusl
    Great job! I LIKED your idea of the car mat ramp grips - I use old scrap shingle strips up my ramps for that very purpose.
  2. questions543
    Yup I came up with all the ideas. I got some help to start me off one day and my dad helped along the way. Im the only one who knows what to do with chickens and that led to some .... "misunderstandings" lol. Do you have a link to the coop? Would be cool to see it.
  3. LawlessChicks
    Your coop is so cool, I am 16 and my dad and I built one together I think ours was a little over two hundred but it wasn't quite that big, but close. I love the used car mat, we used wood slats at first, but they are too far apart and my 15 wk old pullets still slip sometimes. Did you design the coop yourself? It looks great!!
  4. MisterChicken
    Great job. Very impressive show of initiative and resourcefulness for a person your age!
  5. Kimbroe1981
    Love the coop!!
  6. questions543
    wow thanks everyone for replying! I didnt expect this many people to reply :p Thomas333 that is a good looking coop and on a budget.
    Haha yes Bulldogma I did consider it but my parents didnt want me to. Now because of yours and everyones comments they are now thinking of letting me!
    Thanks again!
  7. Bulldogma
    You did an amazing job - in fact your coop and run set up looks better than some I've seen where adults made it using twice your budget!
    Have you considered putting an ad on Craig's List, making and selling affordable coops/rabbit hutches for others? Perhaps you could put yourself through college (with an engineering degree?) with your talent and skills!
  8. mabhera
    NICE and resourceful. !!! Very lucky chickens.
  9. The Old Yolks
    You are an inspiration and a very resourceful young person. I love your coop! Most excellent job!
  10. thomas333
  11. Stumpy
    You are one of the most resourceful, constructive and intelligent 14-year-old young men I have ever heard of. What a fantastic job!
  12. joan1708
    I like it!
  13. marian0116
    Very very resourceful! Nice job! You will go very far in life with your initiative and get it done attitude.
  14. Egg Lover
    Very clever, excellent job!

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