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The Flock 2006 - 2012
Spok, our old head rooster. RIP He was, hands down, the best rooster in the world. (2006-2011)

Goldie, Spok's head hen (2006?)

Streatchy, Goldie's friend, our old lady, rest in peace . . . (2006? - 2009)

Spot, rest in peace . . . (2006 - 2009)

Edgy and her brood ---- (2006)

Margaret, Edgy's kid (2009)

Spot II, Edgy's kid (2009)

Mildred, Edgy's kid, RIP (2009-2012)

Bach-Bach, Edgy's kid (2009)

Sally, Edgy's kid (2009)

Edgy's second brood:
Paddy (Patrick) (2010)

Betty (2010)

Ukuhm, our insane little hen. (2010)

Josephine (aka: Bozar) (2010)

Ctik (2010)

Olga (2010)

Patrick and his girls

Audrey Forbs-Hamilton (2006)

Rowhena, RIP (2006-2011)

Chippy and her brood, RIP ---- (2006-2012)

Bubba, Chippy's kid (2009)

Bubba and his girls

Kaput, Chippy's kid (2009)

Wooster the Rooster, Chippy's kid, RIP (2009-2012)

Wooster and his girls

Don Ella Mckay, who disappeared when she was hatched, I don't have a picture of her. (2009 - 2009)

Mortimer, Chippy's kid (2009)

Rosie, who is now an inside chicken. (2006)

Henry, our inside rooster. (2011?)

And, finally, our rooster Vulture, who died at about a year old of a respiratory problem. I don't have a picture of him that I can upload, unfortunately. (2006 - 2007)

Here is the whole complex

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