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By KikiTheChicken · May 9, 2015 · Updated Jun 17, 2016 ·
  1. KikiTheChicken
    I have 5 3yr old chickens. Kiki is a dominique, 2 of them are Rhode Island Reds, and the last 2 are red stars. The picture is an edited photo of the Rhode Island reds, and Kiki [​IMG]


    We had a old playhouse in the back that we never used, so we turned it into a coop. Inside the small playhouse is their nesting boxes, water, and food. I cut a small door that can only fit chickens in the back of the house to lead to the outdoor pen. We don't use chicken wire, because the foxes can put their sly little paws in 'em..

    Here's a story:[​IMG] A red star, named Daisy is the ultimate chicken farmer NIGHTMARE. She is the sweetest one in our small flock, but the most, lets just say...independent. For example, I was putting the chickens back in the coop after letting them free-range, and I noticed I was missing one. It was Daisy. I looked around and saw a golden chicken in our flowerbed pooping everywhere and eating the flowers. It was August, so our flowerbed was done for the year. [​IMG] She also got into the bag of mealworms and ate all of them. She has a bad habit of pooping on other chickens while on her "special stick",

    Another one: Daisy was walking around and I noticed something on her beak: Poison Ivy! Luckily, it didn't harm her. Then she walks over to me and nudges her way to under my arm for some hugs. I forgot about the ivy for a second, but it touched my arm (more than once). Bottom Line: Daisy is adorable but shes just...ARGH.[​IMG]

    One of my Rhode Island Reds, Thunder, is super fidgety. Guess why I named her Thunder? She is chicken when it comes to thunder, me, objects larger than her, leaves falling from trees, moving things, me throwing treats at them (but she eats them), our little Boston Terrier dog, small children, hugs, when the hanging feeder starts swinging, when I throw pine shavings in the coop, the dark, etc. She is really funny to watch for 5 minutes, she is so active!

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