The Chicks of the Sweet Suite

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  1. lulu420
    These are our four lovely chicks! The oldest one will be laying in about a month, with the others soon to follow! Here they are!

    This is Winnie. She's an Olive Egger, and the oldest at about four months. Winnie is the alpha bird in the pecking order, and very loud. Whenever someone picks her up, she makes this loud squawking sound, with a little cluck at the end. Winnie loves to jump on everyone's shoulders and just sit there and talk to them. She just recently started growing in these fluffy chin feathers!

    Here she is at about two months (with a mohawk):


    And here she is now!


    This is Poppy. We bought her and Winnie at the same time, along with Lulu (a Black Copper Maran,) who died from an unknown cause (RIP Lulu!) Poppy is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Black Copper Maran, and will lay dark brown eggs, She's a little over three months old. Poppy loves to jump on your leg or arm and will sit there forever! She's very sweet, and loves to snuggle up with Winnie on the roost.

    Here she is at about one and a half months (her wings grew just a wee bit faster than the rest of her--she could still fit in my hand at the time!)


    Here she is now!


    Next is Coco. She's also an Olive Egger. We bought her and Tilly about two weeks after Lulu died. She and Poppy are around the same age/size. Coco has very soft feet and feathers. Like Winnie, she's very vocal when you pick her up, but once you start to pet her, she quiets down and will just sit. She loves to eat figs, tomatoes, and cucumbers and will drag them into a back corner so that no one else can take them from her!

    Here's Coco! The feathers on her chest and neck have a really pretty light colored pattern.


    And last but certainly not least is Tilly. Tilly is the smallest of the birds, and a purebred Ameraucana. She's about two and a half months old now. Even though she may be small, she is LOUD! Tilly chirps nonstop! She follows the other birds around, scoping out the coop on her daily surveillance, always looking for bugs or worms in the dirt.

    Here she is now! She's currently growing in feathers on her neck, so she's going through a vulture phase right now.


    Since they moved outside, they've grown so much! This is them about six weeks ago


    And here they all are now! (You see the most difference in Tilly, who's nearly doubled in size!)


    Here are some more pictures of our gorgeous chickens. Enjoy!

    Tilly perching on a chair (Coco was sitting with her, but jumped off just before we took the picture!)

    Winnie, Poppy, and Coco strutting over to their breakfast.

    Winnie and Poppy perching on my arm, right before we left to buy Coco and Tilly!

    Turns out Coco and Tilly were roosters...oops. Since they're illegal where we live, we took them back to the breeder in exchange for two new hens: Truffles and Lucy.

    Truffles, affectionately known as Truffy, is some kind of Frizzle, and most likely a bantam hen. She's really cute and funny to watch, but she hasn't really bonded with the other girls just yet. In the beginning, she snapped at them a lot, and she kind of wanders off on her own. However, yesterday we saw her snuggling with Winnie--a good sign! Truffy likes to sit on the roof or rustle around in piles of dirt, especially if there are violets involved!


    Lucy is a red sex link and a very sweet girl. It took her a while to warm up to Winnie and Poppy, but now they're all known to snuggle and groom each other. She likes to climb onto the roof of the coop and perch on the hay bales there, and she loves her greens. The second you open the door, she comes running!


    Still no eggs yet...come on girls!!!!

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  1. oldman_bc
    I thought tilly looked like a roo when I saw him on the perch
  2. Mountain Peeps
  3. N F C
    All very pretty birds, thanks for sharing them!
  4. bobhoke
    Cool, thanks. I like the bearded bird :D
  5. lightchick
    They are all so cute! I love cross breeds!
  6. RezChamp
    That is one cute little flock.
    I just love a flock of various breeds and Xbreeds.
    I think it's so attractive with many colors & patterns, sizes & shapes and different "chicken"alities.
    I hope you get eggs soon.
  7. Acornewell
    Awww very pretty gals!!!
  8. Bloveschickens
  9. BYC Project Manager
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  10. Whittni
    Thanks for sharing!
  11. sheetmetaltom
    I like the metal chair roost. great idea

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