The Cleveland Koop

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  1. billyb
    The Cleveland Koop

    It all started about 2 years ago when our friends got chickens. We saw them and decided to get some of our own! so we built our first one, and it was more like a rabbit hutch. It was a really good coop... Up until I wanted to get more chickens!! (I think it is a disease!) So then ovibously we had to build a bigger coop. after a few months of planning we finally statred constuction!!


    Thats the finished product after everything!! I forgot to take pictures while we were putting the studs up. But i can still explain everything! The coop is is a 3 1/2 ft. by 6 ft. long. It is 7 feet tall on the tallest side, and 6 1/2 feet on the shorter side. The window is 38 in. by 34 in.

    Thats the interior of the coop. the is a loft in the back (3 1/2 by 2 1/2 ft.) the whole front swings open for easy cleaning. the nest boxing are located under the window with a perch. The food and water is located at the back of the coop so there is more room in the front. That is an older picture before I changed it.

    This is the Koop for the back side view. You can see how big the window is. Its GREAT for lightning, and GREAT fro ventilation in the summer time. You can also that it looks like just an addition to original shed. So it didnt stick out so much.

    That is a picture from the front side of it.


    These are the nesting boxes. 14in. by 35 in. Slanted forward 2 inches. 15 on high side. 13 on low side. when then just took a bucket traced it on the front, then cut it out with a jigsaw. There is no divider, and the girls dont seem to mind. If I were to redo them I would make it taller so I can slant it more. Because they still can get on top, and mess on it.

    Thats the most recent picture of the front. Two horse shoes = Double the luck!

    Thats the delicious outcome of giving your girls a GREAT coop!





    Okay, So that is my coop, and those are som extra pictures that I added above. I hope you liked it, and if you have any questions you can PM me or comment below!
    What I would do differently: I f I was to do something different I would build the nestboxes on the outside. There still okay on the inside, but they take up way to much room, its difficult to clean around and the birds sometimes like to sit on top of it, and make a big mess! Another thing that I would do is.. Well thats about all I could think of changing.

    Dimensions and Plan: The coop is 6 feet long bye 3 1/2 feet wide. The height is 7 feet tall on the highest and the slope is 6 inches. There is one window and it on the side right in the middle. Those dimensions are 34 inches by 38inches. The floor just has three post joist. One on each side and one in the middle. Then a 1inch thick peice of plywood is placed and screwed on the top. For the walls I placed a stud every 2 feet, I only needed to build three walls because the tall side wall is the original shed wall. The roof joists are just like the wall joists, they are 2x4's spaced 2 feet wide,then agian we just placed a peice of plywood on top and then took rool on roofingglued and nailed it down. After that we got the plywood with the groves in it already and screwed them up. For the door, we just made a frame. And then took the routier and rounded out the corners and placed the plywood in it. I think that covers most of it! If anyone has any questions comment below, or you can just PM me.

    What we be happening this Spring/Summer: Well these up coming sunny season there is still much to do! I will be putting the stick on linoleum on the floor for easier cleaning, so down the line I dont ever have to replace the floor! I will aslo be putting the nes boxes on the ouside of the coop. As you saw in the pictures above how I had big posts in around my coop. Well thats for the run that is going there. It is going to be huge! I will put some sod down and then a small pound, I will be getting ducks this spring too! This is the last thing I think, but probally not, haha. But I will be painting my coop! the colors will; just be white to match the shed, or yellow with red trim. But I dont know yet. Hope you enjyed my coop, and there will be probally more pictures these upcoming seasons!


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Okay, we had this welcome sign in our home, and the hooks broke on it so we were going to throw it away. So then I thought WAIT! I could make something out of it. So then I thought I could make a cabinate, or some sort of shadow box. I found someextra wood, cut it to right size put it all together. And then attached the welcome piece as the door. I then took a hook eye clamp to keep it shut. So now I store my lice spray, craked corn, coffe can, and medal bin to hold eggs overnight. THANKS!

    Clevelands Best Egg Layers:

    Betty - Rhode Island Red
    Bonny - Rhode Island Red
    Daisy - Whetan Ameracan Bantam
    Dorey - Millie Fluer Bearded D'uccle Bantam
    Agnis- Buff Silkie

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  1. N F C
    "Looks like a nice coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Sep 20, 2018
    Some additional step-by-step building photos would have been nice. And hanging a warming lamp in the coop where the chickens might knock it down concerns me, seems like it could pose a coop fire danger. Other than that, this looks like a nice coop.
  2. Nardo
    "Nice job"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 13, 2018
    Very nice coop


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  1. N F C
    I like the large window!
  2. bhaus
    Nicely done!
  3. billyb
    Thank you!
  4. JohnPeel
    Great use of space. And eggs, how I long for eggs!
  5. coolcanoechic
    Aw! That's really awesome! I like it a lot!

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