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  1. cluckandhop1550
    I have wanted chickens all my life and finally my husband

    said ok. Even though we live in a flood zone across from the NE Cape Fear River in Burgaw, NC, he came up with a design with everything I wanted in a coop and so much more.[​IMG]
    It all started like this....with woods to be cleared.. It took almost 4 months.
    The unconventional way to set pilings with logs.
    The pilings in and flooring done.

    Then we had a flood on July 4th, 2013! Glad its on 4 foot high pilings!

    But the flood subsided and we carried on!

    My husband working hard on making my dreams come true!

    Vinyl flooring
    Inside roost

    High tech laying box. My front load washer quit so I decided to get a top loader so instead of throwing away the pedestal, he cut out the top and added wire so I can see into it. To gather eggs I will pull open drawer, get the eggs, then push the drawer closed.

    The view from the inside.

    The feeder my husband designed and as you can see the girls are loving it.

    So the sign is up and we are almost done with the project.
    Chickens are loving the roosts in the run. The run also extends up under the coop for protection from the sun.

    Here is the view from the firepit we put in, to sit out and enjoy watching the girls and the bunny....yes take note of the bunny house that is in the run. We so enjoy coming out at the end of the day and sitting back and relaxing.
    Door into the run for easy access. Electric fence all the way around to protect them all from predators and neighborhood dogs.

    You will notice bunny not in her house, but in the coop....had to put up a barrier on the ramp to keep her out. Chickens afraid of her, but slowly everyone is getting along much better.

    Even our Coco getting in on the picture taking. The coop itself measures 8' x 10' with a 2' porch. The inside is divided into 2 sections with storage for food, etc. The run is 10' x 16' plus the area under the coop. Sunflowers planted around the coop that will be enjoyed by the girls later on. It has truly been a wonderful journey and I am so lucky that my husband did this, for not only me, but for our family. Hope you enjoy...I got so many great ideas from all of you! Will send updated photo when sunflowers bloom....can't wait!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nardo
    "Great coop/hutch"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jan 9, 2019
    Super cool coop and so well built. I'm sure your flock is happy, along with the rabbit and the bull dog.
  2. CCUK
    "Lovely coop"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 15, 2018
  3. alexa009
    "Dream Coop!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 8, 2018
    This is a fabulous, heavy built, sturdy coop! The dimensions are extra long and wide and there was pictures along with it to give an idea to show others how to build one has described!


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  1. Mountain Peeps
    That is one of the most creative and awesome coops I have ever seen!! Great job.
  2. cluckandhop1550
    Thanks for all the good comments. Our watering system is pretty cool too. Bottle cap waterers using 2 liter and 16 oz plastic bottles from "The Chicken Fountain". Chicks go right for it, big girls love and even the bunny. Clean water for all!
  3. highcountrybell
    very cool! the feeder is awesome!!!!
  4. yardraven
    That is awesome . It's better than my apartment lol . Your husband is a gifted tradesman .
  5. celticgarden
    I know how much work it is, great job! Love the bunny too. Been thinking about adding a rabbit to our operation. Have fun with everyone!
  6. cluckandhop1550
    The bunny along with the chickens will be loaded up and taken to higher ground in town. Our house is up on 12 foot pilings so we typically have lots to move to town. I'm thinking we will have to get a good size dog kennel to accommodate them all. We are up to 8 chickens right now. Yes my husband did a great job with construction, he used wood screws throughout. We always joke if there is severe weather we're going to the coop ! Thanks for checking it out!
  7. Brookliner
    Also I should mention that the coop is beautiful, well designed and nicely constructed.
  8. Brookliner
    Where does the bunny go if it floods?

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