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The Compost heap, benefit or harm to chickens?

By Akrnaf2, Sep 18, 2015 | Updated: Sep 18, 2015 | |
  1. Akrnaf2
    Compost pile is an excellent ingredient for growing chickens! Except for the ecological sense of organic waste recycling and reuse in the garden. It is full of surprises for the chickens. They scratching and poking greatly in the pile and benefit from the delicious snacks they find, this snacks diverse and balanced their diet. On the other hand the a compost pile is like a " fly in the ointment".
    Sometimes we throw to the pile plant residues such as cabbages, whole or divided, or bases of the lettuce etc. These and other organic remains can cause serious problem to chickens!
    In their gut, chickens like other birds, reptiles and rodents sometimes host a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. this bacterium can produces the most potent toxin known to science! (About 700 grams of pure toxin sufficient to kill all the human population!) As long as this bacterium lives in the animal gut, the immune system and the natural bacterial flora in the animal gut (= mutual symbiosis bacteria living in the gut) oversees the bacterium numbers and it not cause damage. Once this bacterium is excreted out, it can multiply in huge numbers and be a danger.
    Since the bacterium is obligatory anaerobic bacteria (= can not survive in an environment containing oxygen) it can only flourish in an environment rich in organic matter decays, and poor in oxygen. Due to this, the compost pile is just the place for him! A place that allows him to thrive without supervision and produce enormous amounts of toxin! All chicken pecking in a contaminated pile may suffer from botulism, which is a phrase that defines the exposure to the toxin, which leads to an involuntary relaxation of skeletal muscles, resulting in the death of suffocation due to paralysis of skeletal muscles responsible for breathing.
    As an aside, Botox is a substance injected into human beings who want to eliminate wrinkles from their faces. The word "Botox" is composed from two words: botulinum toxin. Botox is basically a modified toxin and download toxicity that could be used in cosmetology and reducing wrinkles. Wrinkles is continuous contraction of muscles under the face skein, and subcutaneous injected is the modified toxin, that causes relaxation of these muscles cousing the temporary disappearance of the wrinkles!

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