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Currently at the Conservatory
Here's a list of breeds and species we currently have on site. How many we have of any varies from day to day as we hatch, buy, trade, lose to predation, illness, and sell. But to give you an example, yesterday's total of peacocks was the seriously reduced number of 180 adults. But to the other extreme we have just one trio of Brabanters, and just one Egyptian Foyoumi (a hen - know any one with an extra cock?)

Chicken: Americanas (Standard various colours)
Chicken: Bantam Cochins (various colours smoothed and frizzled)
Chicken: Black Spanish White Face (Standard)
Chicken: Brabanter
Chicken: Egyptian Foyoumi
Chicken: Guineas (French Pearl)
Chicken: Houdans (Mottled)
Chicken: Japanese (various colours)
Chicken: Java (Mottled)
Chicken: Jungle Fowl (Ceylon)
Chicken: Jungle Fowl (Grey)
Chicken: Leghorns (Standard white)
Chicken: Marans (French Black Copper)
Chicken: Modern Game (lemon, red pyle, birchen)
Chicken: Nankins
Chicken: Plymouth Rock (Standard barred)
Chicken: Polish (Standard various colours, smoothed and frizzled)
Chicken: Russian Orloff (Standard)
Chicken: Seramas
Chicken: Silkies (various colours including buff, white, black, partridge, blue, lavender, paint, splash)
Chicken: Sultans
Chicken: Sumatra (Standard black)
Chicken: Turkens
Chicken: Yokahamas (Standard red shouldered)
Chicken: Brevanter
Chicken: Buckeyes
Chicken: Campines (Standard Golden)
Chicken: Creavecoeurs
Chicken: Capines Bantam (Golden)
Geese: Giant Brown African
Peacock: (Bronze)
Peacock: (Cameo Black shoulder)
Peacock: (Cameo)
Peacock: (Emerald Green Black shoulder Spalding)
Peacock: (India Blue Black shoulder)
Peacock: (India Blue Pieds)
Peacock: (India Blue Silver Pied)
Peacock: (India Blue)
Peacock: (Java Green Imperator)
Peacock: (Java Green Muticus)
Peacock: (Midnight Black shoulder)
Peacock: (Opal)
Peacock: (Purple Cameo Pied)
Peacock: (Silver Pied Spalding)
Peacock: (White )
Pheasant: (Peacock)
Quail: (California Valley)
Quail: (Georgia Bob White Giant)
Quail: (Speckled Bob White)

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