These first two are the end and side view of the basic frame, with the Corgi Foreman watching closely

This one shows the braces we used on top and the metal thingies we used on the corner

This was an oopsie (my fault *sigh*

The back end, as you can see one side is covered and the other is enclosed with chicken wire and then hardware cloth. Take no chances!! (anyone know if I can electrifiy that for a bit of extra naughtyness for the coons?)

The front of the coop. It is covered by 1/2inch hardware cloth doublestapled all the way around, and yes those are ties you see holding the two halves together. Noone said this wasn't a redneck coop

Here's the door! Isn't it pretty? LOL

Here is the brooder inside the coop, keeps the babies and older girls seperate and warm!

Here are the feeding and watering stations. As you can see, the roo has claimed one as "his"! And a couple of the girls on the roost, my what a terrific thing recycling is!