After searching and searching, I finally decided to use the basic design supplied by Purina, and added some modifications. You can find the original plans here:
Here are pics of the floor with uprights attached. I expanded the size to 4' x 8' and covered it with vinyl flooring.

I added windows!! Still needs a couple more coats of paint, trim, and the ROOF!

For now the next boxes are in the inside, I may still add them to hang out of the solid side of the coop, with an access door...we'll see.

After reading some suggestions about the access door being on the backside, and imagining having rain running down my back when collecting eggs, I am going to add a length of rain gutter along the backside of the roof :)

Once I get the roof on I will post more!!

TA DA!! Here it is! Just need window frames and some more paint on the roof. Maybe a couple window boxes? The run will go up this weekend. It will just be for day ranging, so will not be super secure and will be able to be moved.

Here is the side with the pop door and ramp-the dog kennel panel is just there to help me plan out the run size.

The painting is done, and the run is up! The chickens are secured in the coop after dark, so the run is really just protecting against overhead predators and not meant to keep out the tunnelers. It tookt them almost 2 days to figure out they could go out the door! They had a great time in the fresh grass today. NOW, getting them to go back UP the ramp was a different story....hopefully they will remember tomorrow! Chasing and catching chickens by moonlight is NOT my idea of fun!


From the side....

Happy chickens!!