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  1. Cluckocrat
    Building Our First Coop
    I started this project about 2 months ago. It went longer than expected, but not bad for me as I am inept mechancally to a fact I am down right stoopid when it comes to this stuff. At least I try I say to make myself feel better. All in all I am happy with the results and I know my girls are having a good time and enjoying the coop.
    I owe alot - wait, TOO MANY hours of browsing and surfing through BYC pages looking at coops and runs.....and many other design ideas and I think I had more ideas than I had breeds of chicks I wanted to order.
    I even bought plans - that I never used because I started down the road of building a tractor or arc type coop that we'd move around the yard. When the wife finally caved in and went on a local chicken coop tour with COOP here in the Philly area she liked a coop very similar in size and shape to what we have now and thought it would be a good idea for us. It's good to go along with the wife many times....

    I couldn't keep it any of it stealth in my yard fully no matter how I made it so I rationalized it this way - I might as well make it so I can stand up straight in it no matter what - comfortably relatively so I can get in it no excuses and clean it out no holds whenever and however to do my best part in aiding the elimination of smells and flies etc so i can be the best neighbor I can. Especially since my flock is rogue and currently code not in our favor...although all surrounding townships provide chicken friendly zoning :( [all neighbors touching our property are cool with our new girls and looking forward to the free eggs!!!]
    Soo I decided ultimately ti make the walls of the coop itself standard 6' in each corner starting with straight 6' cedar studs and pitched the roof to the center forming a gable style roof. The run is also 6' in the front, sloping to about 5' in the back...and it is 12 feet long. The Coop is 5x5 and the run is 5' wide.....there are 2 nesting boxes for the 7 girls so far they 5 or 6 a night cram on top of them to cuddle often? and it's warm not cold??? silly wabbits!
    I had solid ideas of what I was doing and wanted to do for sure going into the project and double check BYC etc as I went along for info on ventilation and other tips. I drew out plans and wrote up usual I measureed multiple times nad still ended up cutting 2 or 3 more tiems and left myself with something kind of leaning swearing in the end I can cover it up with trim or paint...
    since i was working alone most of the time not so bad....I nicknamed myself the half-assed handy man....
    I really am impressed with myself...not as much with the coop as without anyones help I didn't fail totally - yet...and this was practice bc our shed is rotting from the roof and NOW I KNOW WHY from doing this....
    I really did teach myself a lot about structures doing this.

    ****** in progress *****

    pictures can be found on Flickr account for now until updated :

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