The Coop Trilogy

By rubie · Nov 28, 2014 · Updated Dec 3, 2014 · ·
  1. rubie
    I had chickens in the past but we had so many none were named. We also were in the country and if one ever got lost to a varmit while free ranging, we never knew it. Now I am in a small country town and you can hear roosters crowing in the early morning. It is not at all annoying but comforting. I decided I was going to have chickens again. It has been so many years since I had kept chickens it is almost like starting over. Back then I also had someone to build things but now it's just me and my mom so I do what I can. It is trial and error. Lots of error.. Where there is a will...There is a way!



    Yea! .. So while at a farm supply store that just happen to have chicks ( Yeah right, I knew they had chicks in there) I picked out 7 pullets from different cages wanting to have a variety. I thought that was a good number. They also had chicken coops. I thought how cute and I don't have to build it. GREAT!
    So this coop above is the first coop. Notice I said first. I was quickly introduced to chicken math. While this little coop was adorable, it was way too small IMO for 7 grown chickens. Soon after the chicks were old enough to be in their coop, I saw that it was too small...

    Out of the 7 I learned quickly 5 were roosters. I don't know if the cages were labeled wrong or if in my excitement I picked from the wrong groups.. Anyway, I was able to rehome the roosters and winded up through friends getting some more hens. I ended up with nine hens, no roosters. Yea! Right?

    The next coop was planned or I thought it was. I made a 10X10x6 pen and built a raised coop inside. It worked for a while. I found pictures of this coop in a before and after kind of way. But you can see the pen and coop room with the doors removed as the third coop is already beside this old one. There is a pop door that leads to the old coop which is used as the run in the morning until we get out there and open it up to their yard. Their yard changes more often than I like but I will have a new idea on how I want it and there it goes. I am able to change it at will because I have many 6X10 panels that I was using for my dog at rental places. I finally bought own my place and have a fenced yard so I use them for the chicken's run.



    The newest coop is a couple of years old. It was a birthday present from my mom. She didn't want me to have to build it and knew I was determined to have a bigger better coop. So she hired out and this is it. While this was being built I discovered BYC.




    to be continued..

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  1. N F C
    Welcome back to the world of chickens!
  2. lovepeeps
    very nice
  3. earlybird10842
    Wow--nice job!

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