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By AZBootsie · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. AZBootsie
    Pictures of the first build. Sept 2010
    It was basically a figure it out as you go project. I cleared the weeds last week in August and finally moved the Pullets in just before Thanksgiving.

    The majority of the materials used were salvaged. The contractors we hired to build our deck, let me pick through all the leftovers and take what I could use. The wood from both sets of our old steps was salvagable. My neighbor gave me an old porch swing and frame. I purchased the windows from Habitat for Humanity, as well as doors and some of the hardware pieces.

    A lot of the wood was warped and I have no building skills, so nothing on this coop is square, level or plumb. However, it is really really sturdy and I used a ton of cement to make sure it stays put. My mom bought me a pink cement mixer for my 50th birthday. How many women have moms like that! [​IMG]

    Most of the expense for this coop was for the run fencing, paint and roofing materials.


    Here is a picture of the coop completed, but the run and shading still in progress.

    I had considered painting it slate blue with white trim and going for a little cottage look. My husband and daughter convinced me to do the red barn style.


    The girls love their new sandbox, but they really need some shade.
    Eventually I plan on having grape vines grow up the fence and accross the top to help keep things cooler for the Chooks. Credit for that brainstorm goes to Gallo del Cielo. Here is a Link to his BYC page for great ideas and information.
    I started cuttings from my Thompsons seedless to plant around the run.


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