The Cozy and Cool Coop

Very nice. I like the long roosts in coop.
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Egg-Cellent Eggs
Egg-Cellent Eggs
Thank you so much! The roosts I'd say are about 7 feet!
The intent of the coop articles is to share your build, your ideas, likes and dislikes of the final design outcome after the coop has been put into use and your photos. Your run doesn't match your coop for chicken housing capacity.
The entire setup looks to be very difficult to maintain. How do you get into the run for maintenance? What do you do if a chicken gets sick and goes under the coop to hide? It does not look easy to get a chicken out of the coop at night.
Please provide more details on the interior of the coop and how you designed and built it so that others may learn and build a better, more functional coop.
Egg-Cellent Eggs
Egg-Cellent Eggs
I'm sorry. This was my first article. But there was a door on the run. And the reason the run doesn't match the coop is because I got it at an angle. Ant the coop IS easy to maintain.
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