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The Disney gang.

  1. Fancychooklady
    It is my experience that animals are capable of adjusting to their circumstances better than most humans.
    This is a tale of three lovely little creatures banding together to make a team.
    My daughter brought home a baby rabbit with the intention of introducing it to our older rabbit Maple, that was a mistake ! Maple wasn't sharing her cage with anyone. So poor little bugs went into a cage of her own.
    Over the next couple of days one my light sussex chicks hatched without absorbing its yolk. After quickly researching and finding Sally Sunshines article on ' assisted hatching ' , I popped it into an egg cup with its yolk and put it into the brooder. Low and behold a couple of hours later the yolk had dried up and the chick was still alive.
    That same afternoon I was feeding the chooks and when I turned around there was a tiny little duckling in amongst them. I can only assume that momma left without her, as we live by the river. I scooped her up and took her into join the chick in the brooder.
    When they were a couple of days old I decided to put them in with bugs as I had run out of hutches. I hovered close by watching, half expecting to have to save them but to my suprise the chick ( Walter) dove straight in under bugs and Donald ( duck ) followed close behind.
    That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship . Bugs kept the little ones warm and the little ones kept her company. We call them the ' the Disney Gang ' because they are like something from the pages of a Walt Disney book. They definitely have the ' ooh ' factor.
    Sadly bugs dug her way out of the cage and I see her often in the paddock down by the washing line.
    The call of the ' river ' finally got the better of Donald, who as it turns out is a ' Donna '.
    Walter is happy in the garden with his hens and every now and then his old buddy Donna comes up the yard and shares breakfast with him.[​IMG]

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  1. jchny2000
    Lovely story and pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  2. lucymarcysally
    What a nice story and it must be a lot of fun to watch them together.
  3. BantyChooks
    aww how sweet!! I love it!!!!
  4. CherriesBrood
    Aww such a sweet story! I've always wanted to have that happen to some of my animals. The pic. of the week was chosen wisely! You deserve it! : )
  5. kaycountry1016
    Oh My! Loved reading about your adventures with your precious creatures. I enjoyed all the great photos also. Thanks for sharing. Kay in NC... 9.19.15
  6. TXchickmum
    Precious!!!! -love the pictures!!!
  7. RedBreasted
  8. Ballerina Bird
    How sweet, and what lovely pictures!
  9. TwoCrows
    What an adorable story! Love the pics, so cute!! :)
  10. Sally Sunshine
    DAWWWWWW !! <3

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