The Dixie Chicks

Here is the story of how I roped my husband into getting me chickens. I
was born in Montana, and I suppose ranching and farming are in my blood.
But I married a boy from New York, and we now live in a subdivision in
North Carolina that's not really a large livestock kinda place. So, after
months of my begging and pleading, he finally decided that a few chickens
couldn't be THAT much trouble! Especially since our good friend, who is a
carpenter by trade, offered to donate a bunch of scrap materials. So began
our little project. We broke ground in early spring, and finished in late
October, $500 buckaroos later! So much for easy - or cheap! But now that
it's all done, we are really enjoying our 3 sweet little hens and
beautiful brown eggs every morning. And heck, maybe next year i'll
convince him into letting me have a little brown jersey cow :)