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    The Dreams of the City-Character page

    reserved names

    name: Jonathan
    age: 85
    gender: male
    history: he didn't go to the future. his friend did go, it just seemed like they just disappeared most of them got on the news. he read about all of them and all the theories not really believing what happened.
    personality: kind,
    description/picture: white hair, blue eyes, wrinkly skin with no tan but he isn't pail
    username: FlyingDoughnut
    other: Future
    name: Ella

    age: 15
    gender: female
    history: to be rped
    personality: kind, can be funny, popular
    description/picture: brown short hair that she usually styles or puts in hair-ties, has a lot of freckles, a really small tan
    username: FlyingDoughnut
    other: Future

    name: Mason

    age: 16
    gender: Male
    history: To be RPed
    personality: Cool, calm, boastful, nice, and arrogant
    description/picture: Tall, with spiked jet black hair. Hazel eyes and tanned skin.
    username: LittleBrownie
    other: Future

    name: Isabelle
    age: 13
    gender: Female
    history: to be RPed
    personality: Friendly, funny, shy
    description/picture: natural red hair, freckles, hazel eyes
    username: FlyingDoughnut
    other: Future

    name: Marcus
    age: 14

    gender: male
    history: to be RPed
    personality: Friendly, funny
    description/picture: black strait hair, brown eyes, small tan
    username: FlyingDoughnut
    other: Future

    Name: Jubilee
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    History: To be RPed
    Personality: She's introverted, helpful, silly, weird, and indecisive
    Description/picture: Long brown hair that's straight at the top but gets curlier and curlier as it goes down (usually it's loose), freckles, average height, blue eyes, smiley.
    Username: RouenDuck
    Other: Future

    Name: Cale.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female.
    History: She had no friends as a child, she was bullied horrendously.
    Personality: Quiet and shy.
    Description/Picture: Long black hair, green eyes, pale skin and she's fairly tall.
    Username: ChickenShan.
    Other: Future.

    Name: Adam.
    Age: 18.
    Gender: Male.
    History: Adam lived in a steady household, his father worked in construction and his mother worked online at home, his family wasn't poor, but they weren't rich either, but Adam enjoyed it, He helped his dad in building certain things as a hobby, Tables, Chairs, Benches, Shelves, Crates, Etc. And he helped his mom with her online work, working as her assistant getting paid a little money for his own use.
    Personality: Adam is generally a nice guy, he is kind, caring, and always tries to put others before himself, he sometimes gets involved in situations he should stay out of, but he is generally very careful.
    Description/Picture: 5'10, blue eyes, black hair that he keeps short cut and dark tan skin.
    Username: Ashe Shade.
    Other: Future.

    name: Sarah

    age: 19
    gender: Female
    history: to be RPed
    personality: nice, friendly
    description/picture: tall, black hair, brown eyes, likes to ware black and white cloths, no freckles, no tan
    username: FlyingDoughnut
    other: Future

    the RP The Dreams of the City-RP

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