The Easy Peasy Triple Easy Incubator

By WinterChicks · Jan 30, 2015 · ·
  1. WinterChicks
    The Easy Peasy Triple Easy Incubator

    Okay, my incubator is pretty simple- I mean, even I can make it! So can you! For only $10 - $20 or less!

    ~ 5 gallon Rubbermaid container ($0)
    ~ Porcelain Lamp Base (You can buy one or take a heat lamp apart) ($0)
    ~ Thermometer and Humidity Reader, separate or together ($9)
    ~ Small Plastic Container ($0)
    ~ 50-60 watt bulb ($0)
    ~ Utility Knife ($0)
    ~ Electrical Tape ($0)
    ~ Duct Tape ($0)
    ~ Old Towel ($0)
    ~ Picture Frame Glass ($0)

    ~ I was originally going to use a 5 gallon bucket, but when I saw my 5g Rubbermaid Container, I figured I could improvise for it!

    *Finished Pictures*

    The lightbulb area
    The observation window, you can see the water dish (i had to change to a smaller size) and the temp and humidity monitor
    The temp and water dish side

    *Next Time*

    ~I will use a 60 watt bulb from the start
    ~I will remember to test run in a warm stable temp. room

    (1) Take your heatlamp apart, you will need to unscrew the cord then rescrew it once you get it off the reflector shade thing. Or just get your ceramic light base out of it's package/bag.
    (2)Take a marker and trace the outline of the base onto the highest side of your container. Using your handy dandy knife, cut slightly inside those lines. Now push the base through, but not to far.
    (3)Now take the electric tape and tape around the cracks from the heatlamp base hole and reinforce the edges of the electric tape with-duct tape!
    (4)Now take the glass out of the frame and trace it on the lid. Cut about and 1/2'' to 1'' inside the marker lines. Now using duct tape, or wood glue, set the glass on the lid and duct tape or glue it on. I duct taped and made sure all the edges were covered and that is was secure.
    (5) Take the knife and cut two little holes in one of the sides, don't cut one side so you can open/close it as needed to get the temp. right.
    (6) Add your towel on the bottom and your water dish and thermometer.
    (7) Plug in the cord to the light afdter you put the bulb in and make sure the bulb works. Leave it in a warm temp. stable room for a test run.

    This is a still-air incubator, the humidity and temp. should be as follows:
    Temp: 100-102 Fahrenheit

    Humidity: %40-%55

    Thanks for reading!
    Comment with questions!

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  1. chickwhispers
    Nice! You broke it down so simply. It does look easy-peasy!

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