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By MissusC · Dec 12, 2012 · ·
  1. MissusC
    I got my first chicks from my son's preschool, where they thought it would be "fun" for the kids to watch chicks hatch. Out of 9 eggs, 1 hatched. The teachers taught a lesson on the facts of life that day and quickly purchased a couple friends for the poor lonely hatch-ling. We had to re-home 2 of the three original birds as they were cockerels, but the third, a bantam Cochin is part of the flock. The first set of chicks were hatched around May 9th. We have yet to see any eggs...lazy California chicks.

    Here are our girls:

    The little black Cochin on the left is Eowyn. She's the oldest of our girls and the last of the preschool chicks. She was the boss, until all the other girls outgrew her. Now she spends most of her days hiding from Daenerys (the light Brahma) and hanging out with Sansa (EE).


    This is Arwen, our dark Brahma. She is one of the two first girls we got at the feed store after the preschool chicks came home. She's sweet and shy.


    This is Daenerys, a light Brahma. She is Arwen's sister/hatchmate/whathaveyou. She is bossy, mean and loves to pick on poor Eowyn.

    This is Arya, one of two Easter Eggers. She is super sweet and follows me around the yard for treats.

    This is Sansa, Arya's sister. She is bossier than Arya but is super sweet to Eowyn (my bantam Cochin).

    This is River Song, one of our Welsummers. She is very smart and somewhat aloof. She is the leader of the "Lil' Girls Club" (the two Wellies and the Buff).

    And this is Amy Pond, also known as Derp at our house. I am not sure what happened to her, but her beak and head weren't put on straight. She's not cross beaked, just misaligned. This little girl (she's smaller than her sister) is SUPER mischevious. It there is trouble, she's the cause. She gets into my fruit trees to play hide and seek, eats my seedlings straight from the trays while my back is turned to get a shovel and struts right into the house like she lives here.

    Here's a better shot of her head/beak situation. Note the wattle growth on one side and not the other.

    This is the third girl in the Lil' Girl's Club, Rose Tyler. She is very shy and flighty. Any noise, movement or touch makes Rose fly off in a panic, squawking the whole way.

    I have told my husband many times that I don't really believe that chickens actually lay eggs, as I haven't seen any. But I reserve judgement. :)

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  1. MissusC
    Thanks all! And we are no longer the eggless urban farm! We got our first egg today!!
  2. LeslieDJoyce
    Awwww. Now I want to get more chickens. How adorable they all are.
  3. BantamFan4Life
    Like the pictures and love the Lord of the Rings names!
  4. ChemicalchiCkns
    Derp looks Saucy.
  5. Darkwings
    I love their names! Lovely group of girls you have. :)

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