The Egg-Plant Brood

  1. SCchickens2011
    I have a total of 20 chickens now! I started with 9 - 3 GSL's: Lucy, Ethel, and Hilda, 3 BR's: Flower, Susie and Pebbles, and 3 RIR's: Bonnie, Gertrude and Big Red. Then I ended up getting 6 WLH's because my DH wasn't sure about eating brown eggs [​IMG]: Tiny (we lost her last year [​IMG]), Moe, and the rest are just "white chicken" because we can't tell them apart, so after losing the one we were down to 14. Then I got 4 EE's last spring: Coco (brown), Paris (grey), Cinnamon (cinnamon) and Monroe (blonde). And now we have these two little girls... [​IMG]
    SLW's: Daisy and Pocket. And for some reason I speak to them in a British accent, I don't know why, maybe for the same reason I speak to my Lucy with a Spanish accent "Luuuucy... you got sun 'splaining to do!" [​IMG]

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