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  1. Aw-Ee Chicken
    Chickens are sometimes by-far the funniest animals on the earth. If you pay attention to their clucking, it's funny to listen to. You even find a rhythm or a pattern, and name the chicken after the sound. So when you say their name, they think you're communicating with them so they start babbling.

    In that case, I have a chicken, named the Aw-Ee Chicken. She's a Barred Rock and very friendly. She'll run to you if you say her name and if you open the coop door, she'll just wander out if she feels like it. Aw-Ee is one of the only chickens we'll let out of the yard, so she gets spoiled. When she wants out, she'll bang herself on the door until somebody opens up. [​IMG]

    So we let Aw-Ee in the barn and she eats spilled grain and feed. She eats beetles and worms, which is good, and keeps the cats busy. There's one kitten, Ivy, who'll stalk the chicken and when Aw-Ee bends to peck, the cat will pounce on her and Aw-Ee will go running until she realizes it's a baby. They play with each other, but Aw-Ee is still weary of kittens.

    Now her noise. It's so hilarious! It goes like "Aw aw aw aw o o o o ee ee ee ee ee ee ee!" It starts fast, but ends slow. It's actually funnier than it sounds.

    Aw-Ee is the runt out of the Barred Rocks, so she always gets picked on. No one will let her eat with them, or roost by them, or anything! She'll make herself comfortable in the nests, but the bosses will make her butt out. And they peck at her feathers, so she's bald on the head, and part of the back and wings. That's why she's spoiled, cause she needs someone to like her and appreciate her.

    This one time she got lost on her daily out-of-the-coop routes, and none of us could find her! So we ran around the whole farm and until her closest buddies were crying. (Anyone ever had a lost hen?) Of course, I found her laying in the long grass, but a tree, sleeping!!! The only time she wouldn't come to her name.

    The cows like her. Aw-Ee will strut over in the cow yard and start pecking. The cows will, at first, stare at her, but then snort and jump around as if to play. So that hen gets all 50 of the milk cows excited. Even with all of the running and hooves racing passed her, Aw-Ee still's calm and pecking.

    They're more weird stories to share about this crazy and hilarious Barred Rock, but this is enough for now. Everyone needs a laugh no and then.
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