The Feathered Folk

Before we had chickens I'd have never believed that they could be as personable, amusing, intelligent, endearing, and even heart breaking as it turns out they can be. We have two flocks, though we hope they'll eventually settle their differences and become one. Our older flock is made up of four 3 year old Golden Comet hens, two 2 year old RIR/Austro mixes, and one 1 year old RIR/Austro/Comet mix. Our younger flock is made entirely of bantams; two Old English Game roosters, five Old English Game hens, and one silkie who we think is a rooster (but mostly is a Tater). The younger flock is 4 months old.

All of our birds know and respond to their individual names, come to our back door to beg for food, and all seem to enjoy getting into mischief.

For example, here is Jackie, Daphne, Sienna, and Otter in the back of our car. Did we put them there? Nope! They did this on their own when we left it open to bring groceries in.

As if our big hens can't get into enough trouble, some of our little ones (namely Peachy) like to find interesting places to roost...

Here's Tot, one of our roosters, perching on the frame of a portable fire pit (type thing)! This is one of the little one's favorite perches :)

And here we have Kyne and Truffles perching on a bike, though Peachy got more creative...she was perching on the handle bar of my old "banana seat" bike.

Done photographing the bikers, I found Tater hiding behind a plant and called to him to get his attention. This little guy runs right into our arms and crawls into our laps if we let him!

Mean while, our other rooster, Piplup, was busy getting a good dust bath in, and didn't protest me taking a few pictures.

And of course I couldn't resist taking a picture (or twelve) of my gorgeous boy, Tot, again!

He's feeling pretty good about being top roo after we got rid of the other two boys. He's been an awesome boy so far, trying hard to include the older girls in his flock.

Now let me introduce you to Dotty! This little girl, a black tailed buff like Tot, is just pretty dang amazing. She loves flying from perch to perch (and across the yard and everywhere else), chases intruding birds rather viciously (such as robins, mourning doves, etc), and is always happy to fly onto my arm or shoulder and talk to me.

Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit of my flock! I'll update when I get newer images of my older hens.
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Abronsyth (Arik) is a chicken-enthusiast and novice showman. Among his passion chickens and writing are some of the most developed, and the two naturally combine to writing about chickens.


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