This page is dedicated to the members of my flock. As we all know too well, being animal owners, we sometimes lose animals due to sickness, age, or predators. Because of that, the members of our flocks may not always stay the same. But that's not to say they don't always live on with us.

I had a few unfortunate run-ins with coyotes and hawks and sickness this year that really dropped the numbers of my flock down....from 26 to 11 in a matter of a few weeks. Why these things happened I can't say, but I've upped the way I protect the flock and hope for the best. Because they free-range it's hard to keep an eye on them, but I would rather them be happy roaming and doing what chickens do then have them safely stored away, locked up in a cage somewhere being unhappy. So I've come to face the reality that I may lose a bird here and there, and sad as it is, I at least know they were happy.

With that being said: the flock. ((Pics to come))

The Reds:
The original six chicks I bought from McMurray in Spring 2010 are now down to 2.
The Austros:
Bought from My Pet Chicken in Summer 2010. Six chicks were shipped but one died on arrival. Now there are 3. They lay the biggest brown eggs!!
The Exchequers:
I had bought a trio from MPC along with the Austros in 2010, but they were all killed. The cockerel first followed by hens, whose bodies I never found. The first one picture is from peachick, part of a trio I bought from her in early 2010. The second is a pullet I bought from Ideal Poultry spring 2011, one of three. I'm eagerly awaiting eggs from my pullet, she most likely won't start till spring.
The Cochins:
Also bought from Ideal, there were 5 and ony three survived their first week. They are enjoying the cold weather!
The SLW:
One of two also bought from Ideal.