The Florida Swamp Coop

By Redfisher1997 · Jun 1, 2018 ·
  1. Redfisher1997
    Hey everybody! My birds and I live in Tampa along side of a swamp so i decided to share my coop set up! Coop+Run original dimensions were 10' x 5' rectangle but recently since we got so many new chicks we expanded the run ( the new area you can tell because the wood is still new and yellow and the old wood is brown) So now the coop and run is more of an "L" shape.
    IMG_1338.JPG This is the Right side of the Coop and run, the coop is painted green and as you can tell it is mostly run space.
    IMG_1339.JPG This is the back of the coop with the newly attached run area on the right side
    IMG_1340.JPG The right side of the coop is the side we attached the new run to, as of right now there is still wire between the two runs so the big chickens don't have access and when the young ones are old enough we will cut another hole in the coop on this side so each group will have its own run and eventually when they all live together we will cut the wire in between and make it one big coop and run.
    IMG_1341.JPG This is the front of the coop and you can see one of my Barred Rock hens
    IMG_1342.JPG Better look at the inside of the run, on the left the white thing is a homemade nest box for the girls while the little ones live in the coop, as you can see i put some glass and wire over the entrance into the coop so they can see the babies but not touch.
    IMG_1343.JPG Better look at the temporary nest box and walk way to the box.
    IMG_1344.JPG This is the inside of the coop, waiting for a pesky swamp rat to fall for one of the traps before i put in pine shavings and the baby chicks. You can see here the better view of the glass and wire cover.
    IMG_1346.JPG And last but not least the beautiful swamp that the girls go and forage in all day, there is a creek about 40 yards away and it can flood all the way up to the front of the coop (which is why we built it up 2 feet on a concrete dirt mound) and during the rainy summers they sometimes go in the water but generally they move up toward the house and yard grass. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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  1. N F C
    I enjoyed seeing your photos! They reminded me of my old coop/run when we lived in north FL. The beautiful green foliage in the last picture is beautiful!
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  2. Hopperkiller
    Where are the pythons that are reported in the news? Love your set up and view. I would have to put up game cameras the see what critters abound.
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    1. Redfisher1997
      Lucky no pythons around here, they live about three hours south in the glades, but we do get big cotton mouths and rattle snakes
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