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  1. cabincrazyone
    I've always had an affinity for artsy craftsy hobbies. I like to do things ... create things with my hands. Also, I work slowly, so I call myself a half fast artist. I retired in '03 from the Prep Department of a print shop. There's little opportunity for creativity in the production end of printing, but that's where fate put me after I neglected to steer myself in other directions. I was gifted a certain amount of talent that I've more of less tinkered with all my life. Now that I'm retired I focus my available time on enjoying what I do, and doing what I enjoy.
    Aristotle stated that, more than anything else, men and women seek happiness. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says that the positive aspects of human experience - joy, creativity, the process of total involvement with life are called flow.
    I like to flow. I warm up the garage with a good wood fire and built stuff. I get drawn into what I'm doing and what I'm doing gets into me. That's flow.
    All this tinkering produces products. A need to get rid of stuff is created. I've been selling stuff on eBay since 1999. Buying and selling on eBay is fun in itself. I do it all for the sport, not all out for the money. (Cabincrazyone has 100% positive feedback.)
    I also use Zazzle dot com as an outlet for my goofy-ness. The kind of goofy-ness that I draw on paper. It's purpose is decorating T-shirts, caps, or coffee mugs ... but if you want to just look, that's fine, too.
    When I turn my energy toward cooking, I mess up a lot. That's why I turned to the Group Recipes dot com site for help. I eventually posted several recipes there. It's the place to go for my family's fantastic boiled dinner.

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