~The Forests of Avalon, A Dragon Roleplay~

By HollyBird24 · Nov 13, 2012 · Updated Feb 12, 2013 ·
  1. HollyBird24

    In the secluded forests of Avalon, an ancient land full of riches and strange, but wonderful creatres, a lone dragons lands among the towering trees. He is thin and weak, wounded and running for his life. Driven from his colony for a crime he didn't commit.

    This dragon is Sauron, the founder of Pelendava, the capital city of Avalon. Over a period of many years, Sauron invited other dragons into Avalon, slowly building a small, but prosperous society. For two decades, Pelendava grew into a large, beautiful city, the heart of Avalon itself. But as all good things cannot last, the peaceful nature of this great city soon became corrupt and violent as Sauron's own on, Silas, attempted to overthrow his father's leadership and take control of Avalon. A voilent battle followed, where many innocent lives were lost. In the end, Sauron was forced to sacrifice his own life to defeat Silas and banished his followers to a dark forest on the far side of Avalon, known as Caronia.

    For nearly two thousand years, the city of Pelendava lived in peace. The story of Silas became a legend, then a fabled myth, a fictitious tale instead of history. But although Silas was killed, his followers lived on. Hidden away in the dark mountains of Caronia, the forces of Silas's followers are growing stronger, threatening the very existance of Pelendava and its occupants. Will Pelendava fall into the leadership of Tenebrae, Caronia's dark new leader? Or survive the forces of evil that surround them?



    All BYC rules apply.
    Be respectful to others, I think we're all old enough that this should be automatic already.
    Keep the off-topic chatter to a minimum, there are plenty of chat threads for that.
    No swearing, I think most of the obvious swears won't even show in your post but you shouldn't need to use them anyways.
    The only characters that can be used are dragons, this may be a mythical based roleplay but we don't need every mythical creature under the sun running around. The only non-dragon creatures are wild animals that live in the forest, and they are not to be roleplayed as main characters.
    Your dragon can be any color, size or shape as long as it is realistic. There are no hot pink or lime green dragons, and none that are crazy large, or small. At most, your dragons may be 30ft tall or long.
    When you start with a new character, it cannot know everything about whats going on. Just because you read through the pages doesn't mean that your character can know everything that you do, it has to actually experience the events through roleplay.


    Please use common sense, and be fair. Your character is not invincible and should take injuries where applicable, that includes realistic healing times as well. A broken bone will not heal in a few days.
    No magic or religious miracles.
    You may kill another players character as long as it is realistic. Obviously a single dragon cannot kill three others, but if the situation is fair, it is allowed. I know this is much different then other roleplays, but I'm enforcing it to prevent situations where one character goes up against three others and comes out unscathed. If there are any arguments about this, I have the final say.
    Any characters used in a battle MUST have a form to go with them, you can't just magically create a whole bunch of new characters just because you're outnumbered. And sending me a whole bunch of forms right before, or during a battle doesn't count!
    Keep it relatively PG, I understand that some things have to be said in order for a point to be made, but don't go overboard.



    The city of Pelendava is not a camp or city like most on BYC, it is open to all who wish to visit. The only time a dragon(ess) may be denied entry is if he or she has been exiled.
    The Darkness is only a form of energy, it cannot be "used" by individual characters for their own personal gain.
    The average dragons lifespan is about 125 years.
    Caronia is not a nice place. It is not for those who wish to have a cute little evil dragon fantasy. The dragons there are cruel and evil, they will kill you if provoked. It is not a smart idea to show up and start ordering them around and playing the fearless, brave dragon act.

    If your character dies I will add it to the "Deceased Characters" section with cause of death and the date. Please PM me this information.



    Lavender- A strong smelling herb used to treat stress and anxiety.
    Verbena- The pulp of the leaf treats fevers.
    Horsetail- A very powerful sedative, use in low doses, can be fatal.
    Mandrake- The root of the plant helps cure coughs and colds.
    Galangle- Used to treat belly aches, too much can cause immediate heart failure.
    Hawthorne Berry- The pulp from the berries helps prevent infections in wounds.
    Jasmine- The juices from the berries are good for treating eye wounds.
    Bayberry Root- The pulp is spread onto sprains, bruises and muscle sores. Also reduces swelling.
    Benzoin- A pulp used to treat infections, it is stronger then Hawthorne Berry but stings.
    Hyacinth- A very rare herb used in low doses to treat coughs. It is hardly ever used as its side affects are horrific if used the wrong way. This herb is illegal to use in Avalon.



    The forests of Avalon are plentiful, with an abundance of food and water for its habitants to use. Pelendava is built on the shores of a large river, and is nestled in between the mountains, providing them with protection and cover. The climate various depending on how high you are. The mountain peaks are snow covered and cold, with little vegitation and the forest floor is hot and humid like a rainforest.


    Caronia is in the North, the far side of Avalon. It has the least amount of resources, and it's residents are constantly fighting to survive the harsh conditions. Located near the peak of Mount Mandalla, the tallest mountain in Avalon, it is a rather cold and desolate place.




    King: The king is responsible for the entire city, overseeing the training of learners, warriors building the city to accommodate civilians etc. The king and queen are not born into their ranks as other kings and queens are, but are elected by all citizens old enough to vote.
    Queen: The queen is the king's mate, the duties are shared between both the king and queen. The king and queen to not have ultimate power, they must meet with the council to discuss any decisions that need to be made.
    Council: The council is made up of seven members, the healer, two warriors, two civilians and two elders. They help the king and queen make important decisions and provide advice in tough situations.
    Healer: The healer is in charge of keeping the residents of Pelendava healthy and providing medical attention to the warriors in the case of a battle. He or she is very wise, and greatly respected. Usually, the healer has several assistants who act as civilians unless they are needed.
    Warriors: The warriors protect the city and maintain peace among the residents.
    Civilians: Obviously not all the dragons in Pelendava are warriors, some are merely civilians, living their daily lives and raising younglings. Civilians are not trained to fight.
    Learners: Young dragons training to become warriors. They each have a warrior mentor, learners who do not complete their training become civilans.
    Younglings: Infant dragons, too young to begin their warrior training. Not all younglings become warriors, when they reach the age of eight years old they are given the option to become warriors or civilians.
    Rogue: Rogues are dragons that do not belong to either Pelendava or Caronia, they have no loyalty to either city but can be recruited to help during wars.



    City: (Pelendava or Caronia)
    BYC Username:




    Stephan- A tall, lanky dragon with swirls of dark to light orange covering his body, layered with inky black stripes that cover his back and wings. He has two fins, one on either side of his head, each tipped with a small but razor sharp claw that can be raised or lowered. At first sight his claws don't seem to be very threatening, but he can extend and retract them into his foot like a cat. He is rather absent minded and will often disappear to a quiet spot or the library for hours on end, reading and fiddling with things. Social skills seem to evade him and he doesn't usually take part in negotiations or things that involve doing an excessive amount of talking. Though it doesn't often show, he loves Camilla dearly, as well as the rest of Pelendava. He is kind hearted and rarely harsh with anyone. (HollyBird24)


    Camilla- A slender, deep blue dragoness with streaks of lighter blue on her wings. She has a long, spiked tail and two small fins on either side of her face which extend when she is angry. Despite her smaller size, she is quicker than a snake and her opponents often find it hard to match her speed. She is a powerful leader who is benevolent and wise; almost constantly giving off an aura of serenity and composure and rarely displays intense emotions of fear or anger. She often uses humor to make others more comfortable in her presence. Her abilities as a warrior are combined with a clever, cunning mind. She is kind and compassionate, yet despite her skill she is not arrogant or self-important and treats the residents of her city with fairness and respect. (HollyBird24)

    Council: (Spots reserved for now)

    Amatis- A slender dragoness who is snow white from head to tail with long, graceful wings. Even as a battle hardened warrior, she is strikingly beautiful with gentle curves and a distinctive feminine appearance. She is very driven and dedicated and has given her whole life to serve Pelendava. Though she is slim and lithe, she is well-muscled and quick, a very experienced, dangerous warrior. She is warm hearted when the person recieving her empathy deserves it and has no patience for those who disrespect her, or any foolish nonsense. At times she can be harsh, but always has Pelendava's best interests at the forefront of her actions. (HollyBird24)

    Dreadnought- Dread is a likeable guy, funny, kind; albeit, a little odd. He posses the temper of an erupting volcano; and the will and patience of the sea. Half Asian lung and half black dragon; he is a fusion of two polar opposites, and can take after either side with the drop of a hat. Strength and grace, brute rage and a compassionate heart. He often finds himself at war... With himself. The first impression of Dread is one of confusion and awe. His long and lithe body seems out of place with most of his features and coloring. His dancing mane of gold and ruby eyes just make him all the more, odd. He has various gold markings on his face, his eyes adorned with flashy eyebrow decor and a gold tear drop directly below. Aside from those, and his mane and claws, he is jet black. Jagged rows of teeth gleam with a rather malevolently light from his smile, although his mother's inherited whiskers, furred ears and gentle eyes soften the effect. Two thick horns curl from either side of his head, following his jaw line down. His wings are large, but lengthy and not very broad. His great tail ends in a paddle shaped weave of tendrils, which aids him both in air and water. Where his endurance falls he makes up with speed and agility. He fails in holding up during long, hard flight-treks; his weight and build putting to much pressure on his wings. However during combat, he is master of the skies, not to mention close-to-earth flying. His agility and maneuverability exceeds most, dodging and using his bludgeoning tail. (Gerbil)

    Samuel- A large, dark green mottled dragon with two long, green horns that stick out the back of his head and curve slightly upwards. He has multiple spikes on the side of his head, all pointing backwards and curving outwards like his horns. His long, elegant wings are now stiff and wrinkled with age, and his once powerful body is thin and fragile. Despite his aged appearance, it isn't hard to see that he was once a very powerful warrior who was to be feared. Camilla invited him to join the council as a civilian because of his wisdom and experience. He is wise and rather kind, often seen cracking jokes which he claims makes him feel young again. During the afternoon his home is open to all hatchlings, and some learners, who come to listen to his many stories about life in Pelendava when he was young. (HollyBird24)


    Kyra- A young, cheerful dragoness with shimmering gold scales and bright yellow eyes. She is of an average size for a dragoness her age, niether very large nor very small. In the sun her shiny scales seem to glow, and even at night even the smallest bit of light will reflect off of them. She is a very young healer, only becoming so after the premature death of her mentor, Ramira. Some might call her inexperienced, but she makes up for it in her eagerness to learn and so well. She is kind and generous but also very stubborn and somewhat bull headed. With her position also came with it a spot on the council and she has not wasted time in making her voice heard. She has a very logical mind and isn't afraid to push the limits of what is accepted and what is not. (HollyBird24)


    Gabriel- A massive, dark red dragon with two large horns sticking out the top of his head and curling slightly outwards. He has large, yellow eyes, and long, wide wings with razor sharp spikes running down the length of his body. He is not the fastest, or most agile warrior but makes up for it in his sheer size and physical strength. On the outside he appears very intimidating and dangerous, but on the inside he is friendly and cheerful-- a gentle giant. He is fiercly loyal to Camilla and Pelendava and would give his life to protect them without hesitation. Because of his he is very protective of them around those who are disrespectful or have the intent to harm those he cares for. (HollyBird24)

    Alistair- A tall, muscular black dragon with long, wickedly sharp talons. Running down his back, from his head all the way to the tip of his tail is a long blue stripe which makes his easily distinquishable from other black colored dragons. He has a cunning, clever nature and possesses a dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit. Though he is trusted and respected by the council, his methods are often considered unorthodox and they don't often agree with him on all matters. This defiance makes him unpredictable but his skill and talent as a fighter make him an exceptional warrior. He is kind, wise and patient, preferring to solve disputes without engaging in a fight. (HollyBird24)

    Megan- Known to most as "Maggie", Megan is an average sized, compact dragoness. She is well muscled, and very strong for her size, but not so large and bulky that she isn't quick and agile. Her scales are a light grey color with flecks of white and black around her neck and belly area. Instead of two horns like most dragons she had a set of antennas that sit just behind her ears. They are similar to those on an insect, and help her hear and sense things that other dragons cannot. She has a strong maternal instinct, being the recent mother of Tanis, and can become very protective over those weaker then herself. She is a very independant thinker and doesn't appreciate others trying to "better" her. She has the natural instinct of a warrior and fights bravely with honor whenever it is required. (HollyBird24)

    Tanis- A pure charcol grey dragoness with no specks or flecks of any other color dotting her scales. She is not overly large but, like her mother, she has a very strong, compact body. She can be very stubborn and bull headed sometimes, taking her mother's competitiveness to a whole nother level. Sometimes she has a bit of a temper and will snap quicker then others, but is very intelligent and prefers to use strategy, trickery and cleverness to defeat her opponents instead of fighting them head on. At times she can be overconfident and boastful, but has a good heart underneath. (HollyBird24)

    Adeline- A relatively slight, slender dragoness with soft looking, off-white scales that could be described as "creamy". She has round blue eyes, a narrow face and high, pronounced cheek bones. Overal she looks hardly anything like your typical warrior when in fact, she is one of the most highly trained, successful warriors in Pelendava. Only a select few dragons even know of her existance as she does not actually live in Pelendava. She was trained by Jasper, a highly skilled but crooked warrior who was exiled from the city many years ago. Since Adeline and Jasper maintained a close bond even after her training was complete, Camilla suspected that they were working together. This was never proved, but Adeline was never able to completely earn Camilla's trust again. She remains a warrior officially, but participates in secret missions organized excusively by Camilla without the consent of the council. Due to her delicate appearance she is highly decieving and cunning, fueled by rage that her city doesn't trust her because of something she didn't do. (HollyBird24)

    Mayella- A slender, dark green dragoness affectionatly known as "Kat". On top of her dark green color is a lighter layer of light blue spots dappled across her flank. She had two ear fins on either side of her face which she can extend and retract at will, the only time she uses them however, if when she is frightened or angry. Across her back, from her neck to her tail, she has long, barbed spikes that stick out at all times. At her tail, these spikes end in a wicked ball which can be used to hit her opponents. When she is with her sister, Amaria (Kit), she is quite chatty and very easily distracted. However, when she is alone is is rather quiet and very attentive. She is soft spoken and kind, sometimes timid and very shy, not likely to speak out against others. Despite her quite, humble nature she is very protective of Amaria (Kit) and would do anything to protect her. (HollyBird24)

    Amaria- A muscular, dark green dragoness known as "Kit". She is almost identical in color to her twin sister, Mayella (Kat), and has the same spikes down her back and a spiked ball at the end of her tail. Her personality, however, is almost opposite to her sister... at least when they are seperated. She is a fast, agile flyer, strong enough to carry very heavy loads through the air. Her personality is fiery and energetic, easily irritated and not fond of people who challenge her or attempt to present any amount of authority over her. She is very confident in her abilities, sometimes a bit overconfident and will rarely, if ever, give in to anyone. She isn't quick to trust those she doesn't know and is very independent. Despite her defiant nature she is known to form unqiue bonds with people whom she is close to and develops an extreme sense of protectiveness over them. (HollyBird24)

    Emory- A tall, muscular black dragon on the larger side of average. His scales are completely black for the most part, except for small patches of white and grey which are scattered throughout his body but are concentrated mostly on his underside. He has thin, relatively narrow, long wings with a sharp claw on each. A set of thin and seemingly harmless set of spikes run down his back to form a small club on the end his of his tail, each laced with a venom that causes excruciating pain upon contact. The affects are not permanent though and only last for a few minutes. He was born and raised outside of Pelendava by rogue parents, and only recently joined their ranks as a warrior. He is rather quiet and soft spoken but speaks when its needed and isn't afraid to share his opinion with others. Due to his time as a rogue he is very independent and not used to relying on others for food or protection. He is neither old nor young and has experience in battle that some in Pelendava lack. (ChickieBooBoo)


    Ester- A grizzled old dragoness with yellow teeth, cracked and broken with age. Her wings and cracked and siezed, never to open and fly again. Her once beautiful red and orange scales are now dull and warped with age, falling out in some places. She is the oldest dragon in Pelendava, at nearly 175 years old. When she was younger she was part of the council as the healer, and knows a lot about herbs and plants, including ones that are not used anymore. During her life as a healer she was attacked while out collecting herbs and badly beaten, causing her to lose the sight in her left eye. She believed her attacker came from Caronia and has believed it ever since, though nobody ever believed her. As she got older the citizens of Pelendava began to call her crazy, but her mind has always worked just fine. Even at her ripe old age, she has maintained her snappy temper and sarcastic wit, and is usually in a foul mood. (HollyBird24)

    Ruth- A middle aged dragoness with kind, gentle green eyes. Her scales are a faded orange color and her claws are blunt and dull from working as a farmer her entire life. Her appearance is very worn, almost old. She was never given the opportunity to become a warrior as her parents didn't believe in violence and thought that she would be much more useful to the city as a farmer. As a farmer she grows the herbs and plants that the healer uses. She is kind hearted and generous, very willing to give up everything she has to help another in need. She is the mother of Amaria and Mayella and supports them fully in their dreams to become warriors. (HollyBird24)

    Charlotte- A small, soft spoken dragoness who rarely speaks out. She is very quiet and conservative, never voicing her opinions or raising her voice. Her scales are a soft, dark blue color and cover every inch of her small, delicate frame. Unlike most farmers, her claws are not dull and her scales are not faded as she is still fairly young. Her tail is long and slim with tiny spikes running down the back. Her parents wanted her to become a warrior but seen realized that it wasn't the path for her. She is too soft and generally fragile, both physically and emotionally. However, despite this "softness" she does display the occasional hint of bravery, suggesting that underneath everything else she has a harder spot. (HollyBird24)


    Arrow- A tall, lean dragon with thick, wiry muscles and broad, well built shoulders. At first glance he appears completely black, but if you look closely, there are multiple colors woven into his sleek dark scales. This unusual pattern makes him appear black as night in the sunlight, but many different colors in the night, especially under the moonlight. His eyes are very dark, almost completely black and are distant and cold, as though he is never happy. He is young but carries the burdens of a much older dragon. Unlike most dragons in Pelendava, Arrow was born and raised for several years outside of the city. He is very secretive of his past, and often gets angry when others bring it up. His temper is unpredictable and dangerous, but underneath he does have a caring, gentle side, though very few ever see this side of him. (HollyBird24)

    Chandler- A deep maroon colored dragon with flecks of black peppering his back and the top of his wings. He is of average size and build, not overly large or strong, but not lacking in physical strength and size. His wings are long at the beginning, but slowly get shorter and shorter as they travel down his body. Unlike most dragons who's wings end abruptly around their shoulder area, his continue right until his tail, tapering off to form a point. With his wings extended, they look like a triangle from underneath, with the widest area being where his shoulders and head are, and the pointy end being his tail. His oddly shaped wings make him a poor flier, but an incredible glider, capable of carrying him great distances without the need to flap. He is quiet, peace loving, humble and doesn't speak out a lot. Most of the other learners ignore him, seeing him as stupid or incompetent because he rarely says anything. He has few friends, and those who do take pity on him don't know him very well. His mother died shortly after arriving, leaving him to the care of the other nursery mothers. Despite what the others think, he is very intelligent and knows a lot more then what people give him credit for. He has a knack for hearing things that he isn't meant to, mostly because others assume that since he doesn't speak much, he doesn't listen either. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Coraline- A slender, spunky looking dragoness with a night black upper body, which fades to grey on her underside. She is sharply defined with neat curves in all the right places and a long, graceful neck. Her eyes are almost as grey as her underside and depending on the light, or what she is looking at, they can appear to change color. She has long legs, ending in a narrow foot with four razor sharp claws. Her wings are long and narrow, good for short flights but severely lacking in long haul operations. Because of his, she prefers to travel long distances along the ground instead of flying. This leaves her wings fresh and ready for combat when they reach their destination. She is quick witted and smart, somewhat of a drama queen. Her looks are good and she knows it, sometimes acting a bit cocky and bragging about something. She is chatty and outgoing, always wanting to be the centre of attention and tends to put herself before others. She has many friends, but is terrified of losing her popularity and will do almost anything to keep herself in the spotlight, even if it means hurting someone else. Sometimes she can be mean, a bit of a bully, but has a kind heart underneath and would never deliberatly set out with the intent to harm someone else. (ChickieBooBoo)





    Lilith- A sleek, elegant dragoness with a mottled pattern of dark blues, greens and purples. She is smaller, and not as physically large or strong as other dragons but is dangerously quick and vicious. Her wings and long and narrow, allowing her to fly fast and make quick, sharp movements in mid-air at a moments notice. Her tongue can be as sharp as her claws and she is very confident, highly intelligent and charismatic, although somewhat of a psychopath. She is power hungry and ruthless, displaying many narcissistic traits and doesn't seem to care about the needs or feelings or others. Despite this obviously cruel nature she is surprisingly deceptive and can make herself appear vulnerable and unthreatening if she wishes. This combined with her intelligence makes her a clever manipulator and a deadly foe. (HollyBird24)


    Otulissa- An odd brownish colored dragoness with greyish-white barring around her neck. She has a few white scales peppered across her body, and white spines at the end of her tail, which carry light amounts of venom. She has cat-like ears that are a lighter brown than the rest of her body, and her eyes are pure black orbs. She lacks the ability to breathe fire, but instead has venom in the spines on her tail and two snake-like fangs in her mouth. To an untrained eye, however, they appear as canines that are slightly larger and sharper than normal. Her wings are light brown, and also has white barring. A trained assassin, Otulissa is quiet, but deadly. She talks down to all other dragons, and behaves as if she has superior intelligence. She does not enjoy dealing with other dragons, and prefers to keep to herself. (OwlLover)


    Gilda- Large and muscular for a dragoness, Gilda is tomboyish in both appearance and in personality. She is ink-black with slightly fluorescent orange stylized skeletal markings, eyes of the same orange, and massive, leathery wings fringed in orange as well. Gilda grew up in a high-standing family with a lot of expectations. When Gilda hatched, they hoped for a lovely, well-mannered young lady. That well-mannered young lady turned out to enjoy rolling in the dirt with the boys, rather than learning different nest-making techniques. Feeling out of place in her family, Gilda left her nest back in Palendava when she felt old enough to make her own decisions, and when some Caronian warriors witnessed her get into a street fight with a small gang of muggers and win, they offered her to join their ranks. She is mostly responsible for training and managing the warriors; a commander of sorts. (BirdNut)

    Gaia- She is tall, lean, elegant, and streamlined in build with a regal, upright stature. A rare gem among dragons, Gaia is a Faerie dragon – a subspecies known for their delicate appearance and extravagant markings. Gaia is no exception. With a mainly earthy color palette, she is mostly deep olive in color with cream underparts, decorated with lighter green frills, and her wings have flashy, butterfly-reminiscent markings in chocolate brown, green, and hues of sky blue. However beautiful, Gaia can be likened to a rose; lovely to look at, but not for touching. She is often cold, and can be very bitter with a touch of haughtiness unless you earn her respect. Gaia, being such a pretty little thing, was teased and humiliated when she wanted to apply to be a warrior for Sauron’s kingdom, she said she’d prove herself by becoming a warrior elsewhere. She turned her back on the kingdom and joined Silas’s army, and has more than proven herself. (BirdNut)

    Jasper- A large, inky black dragon with streaks of flurescent green running down his back, sides and across his wings. He has long, sharp teeth and a forked tongue like a snake. His eyes are a sharp green color, and glitter like chips of green ice when he is angry. Many years ago he was a warrior of Pelendava but was banished because of his violent, defiant nature. He happened on Caronia by accident and was accepted as a warrior, eventually working his way up the ranks to one of Tenebrae's most trusted, elite warriors. He's determined, quick to judge and even as a senior warrior he is mocking and snarky, quick to anger which often leads to a fight. With the exception of maybe Tenebrae he has almost no respect for anyone. He is belligerent and often seems undifferent to the reasons for his violence, as if war were a game, a pastime for him. Despite this strong, defiant nature he does have a soft spot, burried underneath the thickly woven strands of darkness that corrupt his heart. (HollyBird24)

    Silvanus- Silvanus is stunning to behold, ornately patterned and alluringly colored; standing out in a crowd is quite easy for him. Although his colors serve as a warning to others, just like most of the creatures of his homeland; poison is his gift, and curse. Each of his spikes are tipped in it, his scales and bite laced with it. The promise of a slow acting, torturous revenge for anyone who dare disgruntle the dazzling serpent. He has somewhat of a split personalty, instinct fighting against and mind. Overall he is a fiendish creature with a sadistic taste for torture. He can come off as kind, always inquisitive and eloquent with his words. He has a unique talent for recalling even the most minute details of a conversation, so in fact he is more or less an experienced interrogator than a smooth conversationalist. But he has a love of the forest, odd for any creature as evil as he. A love for the birds, and the beasts that inhabit it. If he knows what he is, he's not telling. Lacking the flame of most dragons, his is replaced with the poison that runs through his veins. It varies in strength, and he can lower/raise the dosage at will. It is corrosive, at it's least it can cause irritation, at it's worst it can eat through bone and scale without end. Although his supply is not unlimited, he fights with claw and fang, using the deadly spray as a last defense. (Gerbil)

    Morrigan- Refered to by her peers as "Morgan", a beautiful, shapely, elegant dragoness of pure alabaster with a streamlined figure and wing shape that could be likened to a swallow. She arrived in Caronia as a tiny hatching from unknown origin, which the Caronians took under their wings and raised to adulthood. She was considered an anomaly because of her pure white scales, and nobody could understand where this rare little dragoness could have come from. After studying her for quite some time, it was noticed that her distinctive, helmet-like crown of spines was eerily similar to one of Caronia's own council members, though the dragon denied ever knowing the dragoness. This bothered the King so much that he went into investigating every member of his kingdom for history of white dragons in their bloodlines, but none were found until one day, a guard spotted a white dragoness near the border, who- spooked and worried for her life, fled to the border as fast as her wings could take her. It was determined that the council member had developed a relationship and had a child with this rogue dragon. Furious, Tenebrae immediately demoted the dragon to "warrior" to humble him and hopefully prevent him from making such a foolish decision again. After being seen trying to escape with this mysterious dragoness, he was killed on sight and never spoken of again- this offence would be his last. Morrigan was raised by Aglaia and adopted by Ares and Hecate as a sister. Ares and Hecate wanted her to leave with them to Pelendava but she had other plans. (BirdNut)

    Theon- A thin, scraggly looking dragon with cracked, yellowed teeth and thin whisps of hair hanging below his chin. His scales are dull and shabby looking, poorly taken care of and he smells something terrible. Despite his aged appearance and lack of personal hygiene, many mistake him as being old and frail when in reality, he's only about middle aged for a dragon. He is quite strong for how skinny his limbs are, and fights with a combination of desperation and delight which others find hard to match. Many don't know him well and tend to keep their distance for obvious reasons, he sticks to himself and doesn't say much. He was born outside of Caronia but joined as a learner and was trained alongside the Caronian warriors. Nothing is known about his past, where he came from or why he decided to join. Some have started rumours but he never gives any indication as to if they are true or not. He is cold hearted and strictly emotionless, as though nothing seems to affect him. His lack of family or friends make him ruthless and eager to take risks because he has nothing to lose. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Finny- A black dragon with white barring on her body. Her underbelly is greyish and her face is also white. She is blind in her right eye from a previous battle; it has a cataract and it weeps constantly from infection. She has a long, jagged scar, like a lightning bolt running down her face from a previous battle. Her ears are sharp and pointed like a cat's, and she has spines running down her back and to her tail. She also has an odd scent to her, as she often eats unhatched eggs whenever she finds them. Unlike most other Caronian warriors, Finny appears to be a kind, compassionate dragon. But this is just a mask, as underneath her false kindness is an incredible fierceness and thirst for vengeance. For some bizarre reason, she insists that younglings and apprentices call her "Auntie". (OwlLover)

    Volund- A milky grey dragon with icy blue eyes and a crooked tail tipped with a jagged claw. His build is short and stocky, basically like a "bulldog" of dragons. He is a grunt, lives to fight and not much more. He is fairly anti-social, although he does on occasion boast his feats in combat. Caronia was his perfect match. (Gerbil)


    Voodoo- A sub-species of black dragon that is smaller and more fine featured. She has a purple feathered mane that begins with a mohawk and runs from her forehead and down. Three pairs of golden horns crown her face and violet eyes, one set sweeping down either side, the others tipped towards the sky. She is not particularily evil, just carrying on the family business. Her family has almost always been healers, and almost always been associated with the darker side of it. She grew up in an environment very similar to Caronia, although its population consisted wholly of her species. She lacks the strength and armour of a warrior, but is proud, young and not very good at admitting it. (Gerbil)


    Tisep- A slender dragoness with a sleek build, allowing her to move quickly. Most of her scales are a smokey charcol color and she has a thin blue stripe down her sides. Her wings are smokey black with stripes of blue running down the base of each wing. Her eyes are a sharp blue which glitter in the light and her tongue is forked like a snake. She is sharp tongued and defiant, often looking down on dragons who are below her. Sometimes this can get her into trouble, but she does respect those above her. She uses her wits to get her out of tough situations. (OwlLover)


    Pandora- The child of Tenebrae performing stud duty with Gilda in an effort to keep his bloodlines alive and to have more warriors for Caronia’s militia, Pandora may seem entirely secure, but there is a feeling of insignificance that the quiet little thing hides deep within. She is the silent, sentimental type, and is not nearly as talkative as the other hatchlings. She inherited features from both of her parents. She seems as though she’ll grow to be larger than her mother, and her scales are a purplish hue, dark, but not quite as much as her father. Her wing and frill webbing is all solid orange, with hues of yellow at the base. Overall, she is a very flashy young dragoness. (BirdNut)


    Christina- A small, slender dragoness with beautiful, mottled blue and purple scales. She is quite pretty and rather delicate looking with gentle features and large blue eyes. Unlike most dragons in Caronia, she is soft spoken and humble, rarely speaking out against anyone. When she was very young her parents were killed, she would have died within a few days if Tenebrae had not taken her in. However, instead of training her to become one of his warriors, he made her his personal servant. Now that she is a "teen" dragoness, she tends to the needs of all Caronian warriors, especially Lilith, and is expected to do their bidding without question. Though she would never voice her feelings out loud, she secretly hates Lilith and her warriors because of their cruelty to her. (HollyBird24)

    Aglaia- Aglaia is a shapely, slender dragoness, dark slate gray with maroon wings, and earfins. She has thick, plated horns beginning from her brow-line, extending back and curving slightly upward. A loyal friend to many, Aglaia is always one to listen rather than talk. She is quite unusually soft-hearted for being a Caronian. It is because of this that she was given the rather lowly rank of being a 'mother', and that she is not very respected among higher ranks – especially Gaia and Lilith. (BirdNut)



    Belial- A muscular dragon with black tiger stripes across most of his body. Under his black stripes, his color often changes as he has the ability, like a Chameleon to blend into his surroundings. He is sleek and quick footed with razor sharp teeth, jagged like a sharks. On each wing he has a long, curved clawwhich he uses for fighting and climbing if he needs to. His eyes also change color with his mood and his outward appearance, they are sharp and calculating, always thinking about something. He has no loyalty to Pelendava or Caronia but will aly with either side if it benefits him. He is one of the few dragons alive who knows that both cities exist, as a rogue, he sees and hears many things which dragons in the cities do not. He is clever and crafty, a truly dark hearted soul who enjoys nothing more then causing pain and suffering. Despite this, he is rather charming. (HollyBird24)

    Droll- Everything about him is designed either for killing or enstowing fear. He is about twenty-five feet from head to tail with about the same size wingspan, he black as night with four blood-red eyes that can scare you pretty bad just by themselves. There are several long horns protruding backwards from his head (similar to the neck shield of a Triceratops but with spikes instead), and has pairs of shorter spikes that run all the way from his shoulders to the start of his tail, with one spike of each pair on either side of his spine. His tail is almost indetical to that of a Stegosaurus, and his four powerful legs have a 6inch nch razor-sharp claw on each toe. Ruthless, short-tempered, a serial killer all the way through, someone you never really want to meet. He killed his mother when he was only a child, he told the authorities that he did it... because he was bored. (trainfullachickens14)

    Aesta- Most of her scales are a shimmering shade of autumn leaf orange and brown. Her tail is long and powerful, with a red and fire orange tip. Aesta's wings are mostly a light shade of muddy brown with pale orange tips and lighter skin. Her head is long with well-used fangs and an extravagant crest that she cannot raise or lower. Her feet are an uneven shade of darker brown. Her belly is a very pale shade of golden brown with streaks of orange on the sides. Her eyes are a striking greenish gold. Long scars run down her right side from an old attack she never speaks about. She can breathe fire, but not as well as other dragons and will decide on her claws more than anything else in a fight. In the bright sunlight her scales appear to take on a golden light. She knows this because she will often sit and admire her favorite thing...herself. She is practiced in battle but just as vain. Insults can catch her off guard, but she has plenty of her own to back herself up. When she thinks she is not in danger she may sit by a lake or other water source and compliment what she finds the most interesting thing on earth. In other words, she loves herself more than anything else. Aesta has skills behind her shimmering scales, but is often distracted. She does her best to hide her flaws and will often try to back down in a fight. Won't think twice about backstabbing an ally if it means saving her hide. (iluvorpingtons)



    Henry- A tall, brown dragon with long, muscular legs and shoulders. His eyes were a dark brown, almost black color and he had two fins on either side of his head which he could open and close at will. He was the mate of Ruth, although slightly younger by a few years. He was wise and compassionate, but also somewhat knowledgeable in the world of combat. He trained alongside Alistair to become a warrior but backed out at the last minute. Technically, he was nearly fully trained, but hadn't ever put the skills he learned into an actual battle. He lived as a humble farmer, and proud father of his twin daughters, Amaria and Mayella who are following the path of a warrior. He was killed protecting Charlotte by a Caronian warrior named Silvanus. 07/17/12 (HollyBird24)

    Tenebrae- Standing at a height that towers over many dragons, with a large and powerful build, Tenebrae’s size alone was intimidating. As if that’s not enough, the massive dragon’s chest was armored with sharp-ended plates, and he had sharp spines on the sides of his jaw with large horns that curled around his face like those of a ram. He had four, starkly-contrasted orange eyes, and teeth that were thick and sharp, with his top and bottom fangs exposed on his lips. His body scales were a shade of deep, unsaturated purple that was so dark, that it was almost black, and his chest-plates, horns, and claws were a dark ivory color. He had a cold and harsh nature to match his appearance, with a vile sense of humor, and he toyed with death, like the lives of his victims meant nothing to him. War was his idea of entertainment. A direct descendent of Silas, his bloodline was treated like royalty. He was found dead in his cave from an unknown cause. 09/11/12 (BirdNut)

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