The Freund Flock Coop

  1. TheFreundFlock

    So my Idea was,
    "Hey honney I want to raise chickens and get fresh eggs every day!"
    HE of corse said
    "But I know if I don't help you , you will do it anyways and get hurt so, OK Dear!"

    To build a cute little hut for my chickens!
    Only 6X6X8!

    Off to work we go!!
    We First poured the foundation with a drain so that the house can be washed out!
    In the upper left hand corner is a drain for the sink!

    Here is the run! That is all we can do for day #1 we now have to let is sit for a week!

    Let me just say before we get going! We carpenters! So this is a learning experience for us both! ARE NOT
    I drew up the plans and he helped me build them!
    Now on paper 8 feet does not really look that tall, BOY was I wrong!
    Here is wall #1!!

    Here was the tricky part wall #2!!
    The Freund Flock Helping!

    Wall #3 ( The other window!)
    Now let me explain, we did not have a door yet so we left it open!

    Time for the roof! This was fun! We really got to see how high 8 feet really is! (LOL!)
    Now we built the roof on the ground first and lifted it up!
    We cut the boards in a 10 degree angle NOT the 30 degree Lon wanted!
    It is a good thing I am around what
    would he do

    without me! [​IMG]

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