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By GENTLMAN FARMER · May 8, 2012 · Updated May 8, 2012 · ·
    Well hello,

    I am the Gentleman farmer and i am happy to be sharing my exploits in backyard chicken farming. Feel free to comment or respond to anything you see or hear here on my little page. First of all i like to keep a small flock as i am in an urban area and believe in being considerate to my neighbors. No more then 6-8 at any time seems fair if you have the time to maintain and can do so in a manner that is not burdensome to yourself, your friends, and most importantly your loved ones.

    Currently my little flock is only four chickens. Let me introduce the ladies.
    [​IMG] This lovely lady is Comet. She is our champion layer. Obviously she is the golden comet. She is our oldest girl and she is super friendly, the easiest to handle and the top of the pecking order. She is 7 months old and regularily eats out of my hand.Her eggs are a jumbo dark brown eggs that surpass in size anything i have ever seen at the grocery store.
    [​IMG]This little lady Is called Ester as she reminds us of a little old lady and she is an Easter Egger. She lays the cutest little blue eggs with white spots on them. About 3 a week is normal. She is 6 months and is pretty mild mannered. She is not afraid to eat out of my hand either but is a little more cautious about it. She used to be really skittish until she started laying and now she is pretty easy to handle and actually the easiest of my chickens to catch. In fact when it comes time to put the birds away for the night i leave her till the last and she will actually jump up on the the side of the hen house egg box on the outside and just sit down so i can grab her. Only after her sister is in the house though.

    [​IMG] This young lady is called Belle. She is a Blue Bell and as you can tell she is not a pure bred. She has some Rhode island red in her as well but we actually expect a green egg from her as is the nature with her mothers line apparently. I am not sure about the science behind this but she is one of the prettiest birds i have seen around. She is the most skittish of all my birds and is the shadow to her sister Red. She follows her where ever she goes and just kind of is comfortable in a secondary role. She goes where sis goes.
    [​IMG] This is Red. She is a 3 1/2 month old Rhode Island Red. She is the most excited to see me each day. She will full on sprint the entire yard when she see's me coming (followed closely by her sister bell) She is bold and brazzen. Not afraid at all to take on the older birds and may one day rule the roost. I expect her to be a wonderful layer as well as we have had Rhode islands before that just produced wonderfully. She feeds right from my hands as well albeit a little bit roughly.

    That is our little flock and i am happy to have them and happy to introduce them to the world. Feel free to ask any and all questions and leave any comments or suggestions. Have a great day and may your eggs be plentiful

    The Gentleman.

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  1. chirpchirpchook
    belle is sooo pretty
  2. laul28
    You have beautiful girls. Love the picture of Comet.
  3. texasgurl
    Your birdies are simply wonderful! I love how much you love them! : )
  4. Sunnysimplelife
    Lovely girls. I have an EE that is going to look a lot like yours. Nice to see a mature one. They are so pretty for sure.

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