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  1. Knight Hawk Ranch
    I have a small farm and have only just started breeding chickens, although I have had them for years. This past year, I have learned how to incubate my own eggs, so I am going to attempt to upgrade my stock through selective breeding.
    I currently have production Rhode Island Reds, 1 Roo and 11 girls. I also have Golden Sebright and Barred Plymonth Rock eggs in the incubator that I won off of ebay. So I will see how those turn out and add them to my flock if they hatch.
    Plans are in the works to build more coops so I can keep the breed seperate for breeding purpose.
    Here are pic of the flock. Reggie and the girls are 13 months old in these photos, taken Jan 4, 2009.
    The end product: Eggs
    More photos can be seen on my website at: The Chicken Coop

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