In 2012 we bought five chicks. They grew fast so we had to start building the coop. Since we live in the mountains and have a mountain right in our backyard, the coop size was limited and it had to be very predator proof.

After we had the basics done, we moved onto insulation, windows, etc. We built the run out of hog panels and chicken wire. The pullets were growing fast!

Then the fun stuff! I painted it, built nests, designed some humorous signs and made sure the coop was predator proof. The bear pic was taken a few feet from the coop!!

Then the girls moved out into the coop. They seemed to like the finishing touches

Now they are fully grown, laying like queens and loving their mountain manor! It defiantly isn't as big as I had wanted, but hopefully we can make it bigger somehow or build a new one because I'm so addicted to chickens!! This year we bought two new chicks to replace the two sebrights we had to get rid of.