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By lovepeeps · Aug 26, 2014 · Updated Aug 26, 2014 · ·
  1. lovepeeps

    We just got our first chickens this summer in a city that doesn't allow chickens. We decided to be scofflaws so we bought this coop from Comfy Coops. I keep sand in the poop drawer and it works very well. We only have 4 girls and I probably will not get more then 4 hens because of the noise level and we don't want to attract attention. We did talk with our neighbors next to the coop and they were fine with it.That is Coco checking out the coop and Bella posing in front of the coop.

    Next we moved the coop and set it on 1/2 inch hardware cloth and added sand. The wire extends beyond the coop and which was decorated with flat rocks. My husband and his friend built the pen around the coop. My job was to go to the local art fair and look for decorations. Next year this little cutie will hold flowers. She is made from upcycled metals and has fused glass eyes. Our pen is designed to keep out the hawks and eagles that live close by. [​IMG]


    More art for the girls. The chicken noodle soup feeder is from Etsy. Some people get the humor, some don't. My 84 yr old mom just laughed and laughed. That made my day. My mom gets it!!! Then a friend told me about fountains that were on sale at Kmart. Only $20.00. I thought why not? Who says they have to drink out of a traditional water dish? The chickens were drinking out of it by the next day. The fountain also has LED lights that light up the back of the pen at night. Great for checking on the pen status at night from our house windows.[​IMG]



    Here are the stars of the show. Speedy is the EE, Trudy is the BO, Sparkle is the RIR, and Tara is the BR. They are standing in front of the water bottle. I found an lid that can be used on most soft drink bottles. It is called 'Earth Friendly Fountain" by Pet Lodge. I can't remember the internet site I found it on, but you should be able to google it.The girls have multiple water stations in the coops inner pen and outer pen. [​IMG]

    Our grand daughter McKenna is six and I think a natural Chicken Whisperer. She catches the girls one by one and lets her brother pet them. She loves the chickens , as they are the first thing she asks for and checks out when she is over. She also likes to catch them and put them up on the roof of their coop or in the coop on the swing that we made them. We still need to put something for them to roost on in the outdoor pen.[​IMG]

    So the girls are all safe and love their new digs.

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  1. lovepeeps
    Just a quick follow up I purchased a lead kit off of ebay and checked the fountain and the water and they all came up Lead Free. I used the First Alert kit and now the water is back on and everyone is happy.
  2. lovepeeps
    Hi EastTXChickens, I took your advice and ordered a lead test kit this weekend. I will update you on the results.
  3. Mountain Peeps
    SO COOL!!!!!! I love it!!! The landscap and coop itself are just gorgerous!
  4. EastTXChickens
    You might test the red watering fountain for lead, it's surprisingly common in red objects such as that.

    It's a great idea to use a fountain, we use an outdoor fountain to water our outside cats.
  5. arkansas55
    i love this,your coop and flock are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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