The girls of The Laboratory

By FunOnABun · Jul 16, 2015 · ·
  1. FunOnABun
    Here are my three beautiful barred rock ladies; Bernadette, Amy, and Penny (L to R). They are 18 weeks old as of yesterday, I've had them since they were day-old chicks from the local farm store. Their favorite treats are mealworms, corn on the cob, strawberries (and strawberry plant leaves), and tomatoes. They also love a few handfuls of grass clippings when the lawn is mowed! Their individual personalities are ever-evolving and entertaining...

    Bernadette has been asserting herself as the leader of the group recently and she's got the beauty AND the brains to do it:
    I love my girls and can't imagine my life without chickens now that I know the joys of chicken keeping.

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  1. crazyfeathers
    Pretty girls.

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