The Girls Place

By Grey's · Aug 12, 2012 · Updated Aug 12, 2012 · ·
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    Describe 'The girls place' here Well here it is the Girls Place [​IMG], We really didn't have any plans made, it was all in my head. The older barn board is the chicken coop that we originally built. Plenty of windows and very roomy inside, all the walls are insulated as it gets cold here in the winter, there is a heat lamp inside for the cold days. The walls are are lined in a plastic material and a special thick cushion floor to make clean ups easier. They can come outside [​IMG], one part has a roof and the other is open to the elements, I put a bamboo blind for when the sun is too warm. There is a door to the outside where their food is and water and roosts. At night they go inside where their nest boxes are and roosts. Behind the coop on the right is a big holding tank of water to make it easy to give them water. On the left side of the coop is a new addition we just finished its for my Indian Runner ducks. At the moment we have the runner and five Polish chicks in there till they are old enough to be put with the other girls. The duck coop is all open and runs around the back of the first coop. They have a big house of sorts to get in out of the elements [​IMG] At the moment they have a kiddie pool but we intend to make a pond for them with a filter so we don't have to change the water so much.[​IMG] as the ducks are a messy bunch. Well I hope you enjoyed some little info of my Girls Place.

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  1. ChickInDelight
    What I love most about chickens and ducks is that they appreciate every little thing you do for them. When you put thought into making a home for them, they really take to it. What a great place - safe, roomy, with all the decorative touches that say, "I love my feathered family".
  2. Dwkuska
    Wow, so spacious! I am jealous looks like your girls are happy campers!

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