The Habitat Hut (Re-used Furniture Coop)

By lonniedeohio · Mar 18, 2015 · Updated May 28, 2015 · ·
  1. lonniedeohio
    In The Beginning:

    For years I've wanted chickens, but it wasn't until this past winter I found out I could actually own chickens in town. So this is my little thread about what I'm doing and what its costing. To begin with, I wanted to keep the costs of this venture as low as possible. I like the idea of getting better quality eggs, but I hope to get my return on investment sooner rather than later. With that in mind, my first stop was the local habitat reuse store where I found two desks that look just like a small house. Like they were meant to be. They are also very heavy, which means lots of thick wood in these bad boys. Best of all, total cost was $15.

    The Build:


    I also found chicken wire on clearance at Lowes for $18 for 150 ft. I plan on reinforcing the bottom around the outside, but I'm hoping it will be sufficient for the run. I'm not sure how far I'll make the run. For starters its going to be an L-Shape around the shed.

    The stand is made from a no longer needed dog box (RIP Pancho), I'm not including the cost of that lumber in my total since it was bought and used years prior.

    The box measures about 5' deep and 3' wide. Notice the half inch separation between the inside and outside. I think that is going to be good for insulation during the winter months.

    I did have a little help with the construction...

    I'm using the desktop as a door, and cut the nesting boxes into the door. I was originally going to cut a door in the side, but I really like the idea of the air pockets, so I'm going to keep that all intact and make as few cuts into it as possible.

    the nest boxes are exactly 1x1x1. There was already a hole cut for computer wires and such, I may end up making another hole or just cut this one bigger and add screen. I'm making the rest of the coop fairly air tight and I'm a little worried I may not have enough ventilation.

    The boxes were cut out of the drawer fronts, and the 4th drawer front is the lid.

    Added shingles but had to cut back the corner to allow the door to move freely. Used caulking to try to keep it dry.

    Was worried about waterproofing the nest box so with some creative thinking my buddy and I came up with a removable roof ontop of the next box.

    Cut in the door and vent holes.

    Tiles the inside the help with cleaning and water proofing the floor. These were 38 cents a piece so no big budget breaker.

    Framed in a door and we've got ourselves a coop.

    The girls are 6 weeks now and enjoying the fresh air.


    Desks- $15
    Lumber-$23 (for door and coop floor)
    Tile, Screws, Caulk -$12

    So for the run and all I'm looking around $100. I'm pretty happy with that.

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  1. Nardo
    "Desk turned into coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 16, 2018
    Good out of the box thinking.


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  1. lonniedeohio
    2 years and no issues. This coop now houses my silkies. Chicken math required I build a bigger coop for the standard sized chickens. (this was never meant to hold 13 girls)
  2. Theegoliath
    Don't you just love Habitat for Humanity! My coup's materials were purchased there as well. Be careful to keep the particle board pieces on your coop dry. They will begin to crumble once water gets to it. Love the ingenuity by putting the two drawer units together on there backs like you did.
  3. alibabba
    great idea, I kept looking at corner armoires at the thrift shops, but they were just too heavy and for some reason when everyone else "reuses" it looks cute, when I do it, it looks like junk in my yard. :(
  4. Sometimesginger
    And a quick sliding door at the top, 4x6 size, with hardware cloth behind it for vents would help your hens out too!
  5. Sometimesginger
    Great job! And what a GREAT FIND! You have a fabulous eye for design! Thanks for sharing, our ladies are in need of a second coop so that when one hen goes broody, i can keep some hatchery chicks for her then they will have a coop all to themselves. :) Awesome post! So glad I joined this group; i need some inspiration some days and I find it here! xoxox
  6. RootsieTootsie
    Love this! I always shop these kind of stores first. I live in a rural town and also have scored new, like new, and decent materials and objects to upcycle at our dump on Saturday mornings. People are soooo wasteful! It's unbelievable!
  7. darina
    This is so cool! I have looked at Habitat Several time, but I am not as handy as you are apparently. :)
  8. twisted-acres-farm
    looks great just be sure to paint or water proof some way any and all particle board. when it gets wet it will swell, rot, stink, discinegrate.
  9. Brookliner
    Be sure to provide plenty of ventilation. More is better than less. Just no drafts.

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