The healing power of Silkie chicks

By JaeG · Sep 4, 2016 · ·
  1. JaeG
    We recently lost a Pekin (bantam Cochin) pullet that we all adored - she was so sweet and friendly. Her name was Calypso and she was only 20 weeks old. She was mottled and just starting to get all her beautiful spots. We were all pretty devastated to lose her.

    Calypso before she got sick

    Our 8 month old Booted Bantam, Hope, had been broody for 10 weeks and had no intention of giving up until something started cheeping under her. We'd been bringing up some Orpington chicks for my Mum during that time under another of our broody bantams so I hadn't intended giving Hope any babies of her own. I'd brought Hope inside to brood in an indoor guinea pig cage in our lounge thinking that the kids' attention and noise might put her off (yeah right), and she'd been getting bullied in the main coop as she'd chosen the favourite nestbox to brood in!

    But then Calypso got sick and she looked like she was getting better but one morning I got up and she would barely open her eyes and I knew she wasn't going to last the day. We buried her that afternoon in the wild Forget-me-nots that have sprouted in our backyard and our 9 year old daughter took pictures (as a way of processing what was happening I suppose) and we picked flowers for Calypso and laid her to rest. Our daughter seemed ok until she turned out her light that night and the impact of what had happened that day really hit her and she absolutely broke her heart.

    So, near us I found a Silkie breeder who had newly hatched chicks and we made Hope a very happy chicken by giving her four beautiful Silkie babies. Our daughter wanted to name one of the new chicks Calypso and the chick that now carries that name is as sweet and friendly as her predecessor. As a tiny chick she would snuggle under my hand quite happily, and thankfully Hope is such a friendly, sweet girl herself that she has been quite happy for us to handle her babies and help her out. These little chicks have been the best balm for our broken hearts and are just so adorably sweet and docile that we all adore each and every one of them. They are now two weeks old and I'd love to share some photos of them.

    (Hope isn't the prettiest chicken but what she lacks in looks she more than makes up for in personality as she adores the kids, and loves pats and cuddles despite having been brought up free range).

    Hope with Calypso (up top) and Rainbow, snuggled under her

    Hope with Nugget on the left and Dora on the right

    And I love this photo of Dora peeking out of Hope's feathers

    Here are our babies now:



    And Rainbow

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  1. JaeG
    Thanks for admiring them drumstick diva. They are a special bunch, that's for sure. They are such sweet babies.
  2. drumstick diva
    just looking at those darling chicks and your sweet broody mama, warmed my heart.
  3. JaeG
    I'm sorry about your Lester RodNTN. It was nice to have somewhere to put a picture of our first Calypso. She really was a sweetheart and our new Calypso is just as sweet and friendly.
  4. RodNTN
    I loved this story!!!! I'm soo sorry about Calypso!! *HUGS* A few days ago one of our favorite chickens 'Lester' (a white silkie bantam) died of illness as well :( Hopefully we might get some more silkies sometime. Your chicks are too darn cute!!! Loved this story. Your sure to get POW!!
  5. Whittni
    Aww, chickens are great medicine.
  6. 235chickens

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