The Hen House. Building my coop, run, and flock!

By Jkraft · Aug 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Jkraft
    My husband and I purchased our very first home in April 2015. It was a months of stress when we were house hunting. My husband always envisioned living in the city, white picket fence kinda home. I dreamed of country living, a farm someday, and lots of land. After months of searching in a crazy market (we had to bid for houses and lost 2x) we got a house and it was testing time. It had .28 acres, only half of the backyard was fenced, and was in a neighborhood that didn't allow chickens. If you wanted to build a dog house you had to get it approved! Well we spent a few thousand dollars in test like home inspections and pest and found out it need a lot of repairs. Foundation issues, mold, you name it. The seller's refused to fix it so we had to walk away. A day later I found my dream home. It was out in the country, had a half acre fenced in, and allowed chickens! I have always wanted chickens!


    Our House & Backyard

    After settling into our home I decide it was time to work on getting my first flock started. I spent hours researching breeds and how to care for chickens. That's how I found :welcome Which is my go to place for everything chicken! I got so many ideas off this site for building my coop and run. Like this chicken nipple waterier:
    400.jpg 400.jpg 400.jpg

    My Chickens:

    2 Buff Orpingtons Pullets
    2 Silkies (unsexed) Possibly colored splash and blue
    Names are: Josie, Jubilee, Ryder, & Ruca (if they are turn out to be girls). Inspired by the Grateful Dead


    I got my Silkies from a small farm when they were just a few days old. My husband picked one out and so did I. My Buffs I got from a larger farm that sexes chickens. They were a little over a week old. I was not allowed to chose the chicks or see much of the farm because I owned chickens (the silkies) to prevent spread of disease. My Buffs both had pasty butt when I got them. Good thing I did my research to recognize it. Both farms were less than an hour away from me in North Carolina.

    I purchased my coop as a duck house. It was $75. I thought this was a great deal because it had a awesome roof. Than my husband and I transformed into a chicken coop we now named the Hen House. After cleaning it out really well. We added 3 windows covered with hardware cloth, 2 nesting boxes that open, made the door larger, put down flooring, a roost, and put it up on legs. We also painted the coop and I have been attempting to stencil it but that hasn't worked out as good.


    Progress Pics..
    . 700.jpg 700.jpg 700.jpg
    700.jpg 700.jpg

    We are still building the run. Put we have a pretty solid plan thanks to BYC coop plans/ideas. We have purchased wood and painted it and have 2 sides done. The run will be 6ft by 6ft. We hope to finish it by the end of the week of the rain holds off. We also have to build a ramp. Pics coming soon!

    The duck house I pucharsed came with a horse through that they used as a pond for ducks. I turned that into a brooder after cleaning it out. I used pine shavings with card board underneath, a roost, heating lamp, water, and food.

    I ended up raising the water, and food and adding a roost.

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  1. Barredrock360
    awesome do you know what kind of chicken or how many your going to get.
  2. Jkraft
    Thank you! & Yes I have 4 chickens. 2 Buff Orpingtons Pullets & 2 Silkies (unsexed). Possibly colored splash and blue. Names are: Josie, Jubilee, Ryder, & Ruca (if they are turn out to be girls). Inspired by the Grateful Dead. 4 is my limit but I may have to rehome a silkie if it is a rooster. I do not want to breed sister and brother.
  3. Barredrock360
    Cool those breeds of chicken are known to be very nice especially the silky. How much eggs do they lay a week?
  4. Barredrock360
    I have 4 Rhode island reds that are about 1 in a half years old I lost the other two while a go. They very well 95% of the time they will lay a egg every day. One has bumble foot and he still might miss one day out of 3 or 4 weeks.
  5. Jkraft
    Sorry to hear about your loss. I think the Rhode Island Reds are gorgeous!

    I think silkies are so cute! I just love all their colors. They are still very young and haven't laid yet. I did read that buffs were good layers, large eggs. We will have to see. The silkies are smaller eggs and hens tend to be broody so they might not be the best layers. But that's why we got the Buffs. The buffs will be 2 months old in 9 days. The silkies are about a week younger.
  6. Barredrock360
    Indeed, They have a cool color of feathers.
  7. Trefoil
    My silkies have been excellent layers, mine don't seem to be as broody as they usually are but I got eggs all winter from them. They are soooo cute and friendly.

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